Vigilante Episode 4 – Recap and Review


Vigilante Episode 4 opens with Detective Cho-Heon at the hospital, delving into the mysterious circumstances surrounding the ahjumma killer’s fate. His investigation, however, hits a dead end.

Tense Rooftop Encounter

Vigilante Episode 4 – Ji-Yong confronts his copycat.

Meanwhile, Ji-Yong and the impersonator, having driven to a secluded rooftop in an ambulance, engage in a tense confrontation. The impersonator, revealed to be excited about their meeting, assures Ji-Yong of his role in disabling the CCTV cameras. He claims to have been cleaning up after Ji-Yong to keep him out of police custody. His suggestion of a partnership, however, leads to a physical altercation, as Ji-Yong vehemently disagrees with the impersonator’s reckless methods.

The Aftermath of the Fight

Post-fight, Ji-Yong leaves the impersonator hanging from the rooftop, a clear message to stay away. Back at the hospital, Cho-Heon’s search for the mysterious man he saw earlier proves fruitless. Concurrently, journalist Mi-Ryeo discovers footage that could potentially reveal the real Vigilante’s identity.

Ji-Yong returns home to nurse his wounds and receives a message from the impersonator, which he chooses to ignore, indicating his refusal to collaborate.

Mi-Ryeo’s Encounter with Kang-ok

The next day brings a new character into the mix: Cho Kang-Ok, a chaebol and Vice Chairman of DK Group, who is also the impersonator. He approaches Mi-Ryeo with a proposition to work together, revealing his support for the Vigilante and his influence in keeping Ji-Yong away from police scrutiny. Despite his persuasive efforts, Mi-Ryeo remains determined to maintain her independence.

A Quest for Revenge

Elsewhere, Jang Soon-Il, seeking vengeance for his brother’s death, is warned by Cho-Heon to leave the matter to the police. This interaction hints at the increasing complexity of the Vigilante’s impact on different facets of society.

The police, frustrated by the lack of CCTV evidence, start to suspect that the Vigilante might be one of their own, given his apparent knowledge of police procedures. Cho-Heon’s visit to Professor Yeob at the police academy to discuss this theory leads to an unexpected encounter with Ji-Yong.

Mi-Ryeo’s Investigation

Vigilante Episode 4 – Kim Sam-Doo the new antagonist in the series.

Mi-Ryeo’s investigation takes her to Sewool Future Resources, led by Kim Sam-Doo, a figure shrouded in criminal activities. Her collaboration with fellow journalist Dae-Seok to expose the company’s illegal operations adds another layer to the episode’s narrative.

Back at the police academy, Ji-Yong’s anxiety grows as Hwang-Jun informs him of Cho-Heon’s presence and his reputation as the detective on the Vigilante case.

Cho-Heon’s Continued Pursuit

Cho-Heon’s relentless pursuit of the Vigilante leads him to confront gang leader Soon-Il and his minions, reiterating the police’s sole authority in handling the case.

A twist occurs when Ji-Yong is called downstairs by the police regarding an incident where he allegedly helped a woman. This turns out to be a setup by the masked Vigilante, providing Ji-Yong with an alibi.

Kang-Ok’s Strategic Moves

Vigilante Episode 4 – Cho-Heon tracks down Ji-Yong.

Kang-Ok, having orchestrated the alibi for Ji-Yong, remains a step ahead, even as Mi-Ryeo delves deeper into his company’s activities. Ji-Yong’s decision to meet Kang-Ok signifies a potential shift in their dynamic.

Mi-Ryeo and Dae-Seok’s investigation into Sewool Future Resources uncovers its involvement in illegal gambling and possibly drug distribution, adding a sinister edge to the episode.

The episode ends with Cho-Heon subtly cautioning Ji-Yong against his vigilante actions in a tense meeting. Kang-Ok observes this interaction from afar, hinting at his deeper involvement in the unfolding events.

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