K-pop News 301123: BTS’ V, BLACKPINK, TXT Yeonjun and more

Hello K-pop fans! Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News for November 30, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories. Read about BTS member V announcing he would join the Elite Counter-Terrorism Unit in the military, how Yeonjun from TXT may have inspired a TV character, BLACKPINK being the most streamed girl group on Spotify, and more. Check out today’s K-pop News Digest to catch up on the most buzzworthy moments and milestones that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide.

BTS’ V joins Elite Counter-Terrorism Unit

BTS' V to enlist in elite military unit

BTS’ V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has made headlines by joining the elite Counter-Terrorism Unit Special Task Force for his military enlistment. His decision has drawn praise from fans, who commend his dedication and bravery. V’s enlistment in such a prestigious unit underscores his commitment to his national duties and sets a powerful example for his fans worldwide.

Ahyeon not joining BABYMONSTER?

www.instagram.com/@ babymonster_ygofficial

It appears that Ahyeon may not rejoin BABYMONSTER after all. Besides the rumor of her visit to CUBE Entertainment headquarters, fans have noticed that Ahyeon is absent from recent promotional material of the group. This uncertainty has sparked discussions among the K-pop community. Fans are now awaiting official confirmation from either the group or YG Entertainment.

BLACKPINK: 2023’s Most Streamed Girl Group on Spotify

BLACKPINK has been crowned as the most streamed girl group globally on Spotify for 2023. Remarkably, they achieved this feat despite releasing only one song this year, THE GIRLS, for a mobile game. This achievement marks their fifth consecutive year of dominating the Spotify charts, a testament to their unwavering global popularity and influence in the music industry.

TXT’s Yeonjun inspired Song Kang’s My Demon character?

Song Kang and Yeonjung from TXT
Song Kang (left) and TXT member Yeonjun.

Actor Song Kang’s role in the K-drama My Demon has gone viral due to his striking resemblance to K-pop idol Yeonjun from TXT. Fans have noted similarities in their mannerisms, leading to hopes for a future collaboration or interaction between the two stars.

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