Vigilante Episode 5 – Recap and Review


Episode 5 of Vigilante begins with Ji-Yong dining with the woman who provided his alibi, uncovering that she was hired by the company backing the Vigilante. This revelation leads Ji-Yong to suspect Kang-Ok’s involvement, prompting a phone call where Kang-Ok expresses concern about the future of the Vigilante.

Investigation into Sewool

Meanwhile, Mi-Ryeo and Dae-Sook delve deeper into their investigation, stumbling upon illegal activities in a Sewool-managed warehouse. This dangerous discovery costs Dae-Sook his life and leaves Mi-Ryeo in a precarious position with the police.

Ji-Yong’s Surveillance

Vigilante Episode 5 – Cho-Heon takes on Sam-Doo's gang.

Cho-Heon, steadfast in his pursuit of the Vigilante, seeks more time from his superior, Chief Superintendent General Eom Jae-Hyub. Meanwhile, Ji-Yong, now equipped with a cloned phone, keeps a close eye on Cho-Heon’s activities.

Repo25h, a media outlet, brings attention to Jae-Hak’s death and its potential link to Kim Sam-Doo, raising public suspicion. This report not only concerns the police but also angers Chief Jae-Hyub and Sam-Doo.

Tensions at Repo25h

Vigilante Episode 5 – Mi-Ryeo puts herself in danger with her investigation into the Vigilante

Mi-Ryeo faces internal conflict at Repo25h, clashing with Chang-Hyun over journalistic integrity. This tension escalates when she narrowly escapes an attack in the parking lot where she is saved by Cho-Heon.

Cho-Heon warns Mi-Ryeo about the dangers of her work and interrogates the captured assailant, uncovering information about Mr. Bang, a key figure in Sam-Doo’s operations.

In a daring raid, Cho-Heon single-handedly takes down members of Sam-Doo’s gang. However, Mr. Bang remains at large.

The Police’s Controversial Strategy

The police, led by Cho-Heon, frame Sam-Doo and his gang as part of the Vigilante group, a move that raises eyebrows and scepticism among the media, Kang-Ok, and Mi-Ryeo.

Ji-Yong, incensed by the police’s actions, strikes back by attacking a top member of Sam-Doo’s gang and leaving a message to assert the real Vigilante’s presence. Mi-Ryeo, vindicated in her beliefs about the Vigilante, resigns under pressure, while Kang-Ok admires Ji-Yong’s bold actions.

A Confrontation in the Shadows

Vigilante Episode 5 – Cho-Heon confronts Ji-Yong.

The episode culminates in a dramatic confrontation between Cho-Heon and Ji-Yong in a dark alley. Cho-Heon, recognizing Ji-Yong’s potential, urges him to channel his talents more constructively, while Ji-Yong defends his actions as a necessary response to systemic injustice.

An intense fight breaks out, with Cho-Heon overpowering Ji-Yong. Despite understanding Ji-Yong’s motives, Cho-Heon remains committed to his role as a police officer and his disdain for corruption within the system.

The episode ends on a tense note, with Cho-Heon subduing Ji-Yong and Kang-Ok silently observing the scene, highlighting the complex web of motivations and actions that define the characters in Vigilante.

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