Vigilante Episode 7 – Recap and Review

The episode opens with Ji-Yong heroically rescuing Officer Cho-Heon from Mr. Bang and his accomplice. Ji-Yong’s headline-making rescue of Cho-Heon inspires him to consider recruiting Cho-Heon for his vigilante cause.

Meanwhile, Kang-Ok, harbouring doubts, questions Ji-Yong’s true intentions behind this audacious act. Ji-Yong persistently strategizes against his adversaries, Eom Jae-Hyub and Kim Sam-Doo, amidst unfolding events. Ji-Yong burns down a Gangnam office and nobly donates the retrieved funds to Haneul orphanage, supporting its sole caretaker.

Kim Sam-Doo Wrath

In a tense encounter, Kim Sam-Doo confronts Jae-Hyub, seeking to gain political advantage. However, betrayal leads to his plan backfiring, leaving him unsupported and prompting him to abandon his existing alliances.

In a parallel plotline, Mr Bang, aiming to discredit the Vigilante, orchestrates an attack on the Haneul orphanage, framing it as another of the Vigilante’s rampages, a move that shocks the media and public, given the Vigilante’s known stance against harming innocents.

Choi Mi-Ryeo targeted again

As the narrative unfolds, Ji-Yong’s friend Seon-Wook becomes increasingly vigilant, closely observing Ji-Yong’s reactions to the unfolding events. Foreseeing another potential attack on Choi Mi-Ryeo, Ji-Yong assigns Kang-Ok to protect her.

Kim Sam-Doo’s men target Mi-Ryeo and launch an assault on her office. In a quick-witted response, Mi-Ryeo captures the impending attack on her V News headquarters through a live broadcast, alerting Ji-Yong, the audience, and Nam Yeong-Il, the new regional leader of the Vigilante case.

A Tense Rescue and Clever Misdirection

In a climactic sequence, Kang-Ok, donning the Vigilante attire, arrives just in time to thwart the attackers and rescue Mi-Ryeo. When Nam Yeong-Il arrives at the scene, Mi-Ryeo skillfully deceives him about the identity of her rescuer, further complicating the investigation and casting doubt on the Vigilante’s involvement.

The Interrogation of Ji-Yong

The episode reaches a critical juncture as Ji-Yong is brought in for questioning by Nam Yeong-Il. Despite accusations and suspicions linking him to Cho-Heon and the Vigilante, Ji-Yong steadfastly maintains his innocence.

In a strategic twist, it is revealed that Ji-Yong had cleverly planted a phone linked to the cryptocurrency case in President Eom Jae-Hyub’s cabin, a move that leads the police to significant evidence, including a burner phone used by Jae-Hyub to communicate with Kim Sam-Doo.

A Shocking Turn and the Quest for Justice

The episode concludes with a shocking development: Nam Yeong-Il dies in a car accident, presumably orchestrated by Jae-Hyub. In a sinister move, Mr. Bang abducts Choi Mi-Ryeo. As Ji-Yong and Cho-Heon grapple with these events, Ji-Yong confronts Cho-Heon, challenging him to prove the efficacy of the justice system, or else he vows to take down their adversaries single-handedly. Despite Cho-Heon’s concerns, Ji-Yong remains unwavering in his commitment to achieving justice at any cost.

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