A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 8 – Recap and Review

The eagerly anticipated Episode 8 of A Good Day To Be A Dog, begins with Yu-Na urging her sister Hae-Na to bravely reveal the truth to Seo-Won, who appears understanding. Despite her unique situation, Hae-Na is reluctant to seem strange to Seo-Won, whom she likes.

A Father’s Surprise and Misunderstandings

As Hae-Na faces a 7-day deadline to break her curse, she decides to approach each day cautiously with Seo-Won. Their paths cross one evening, and as Seo-Won asks Hae-Na to wait for him, he becomes alarmed by a suspicious man following her.

Rushing to her aid, Seo-Won confronts the man, only to discover it’s Hae-Na’s father, Mr. Han Pan-Dong, who intends to surprise his daughter. After a misunderstanding, Pan-Dong urges Seo-Won to be more intimate with Hae-Na, leading to confusion and embarrassment.

Confessions and Comforting Tales

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 8 – Hae-Na has a heartfelt moment with her dad.

Hae-Na, mortified by the situation, takes her father away and confides in him about the curse triggered when she was drunk and Seo-Won’s fear of dogs. She admits her genuine feelings for Seo-Won. Pan-Dong shares his love story with Hae-Na’s mother, comforting Hae-Na and encouraging her to trust Seo-Won.

Threats and Blackmail

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 8 – Eun-Hwan blackmails Hae-Na into revealing her secret live.

Hae-Na later texts Seo-Won to apologize but is interrupted by a message from Eun-Hwan, asking for a meeting. Fearing her secret might be exposed, Hae-Na informs Yu-Na and Woo-Taek, who accompany her to meet Eun-Hwan at an abandoned house.

There, Eun-Hwan threatens to reveal her secret unless she pays him, showing a video of Yu-Na turning into a dog. Hae-Na is frightened, but Eun-Hwan flees before Woo-Taek can apprehend him. That night, Hae-Na’s parents arrive to discuss the threat, leading to apologies between Yu-Na and Hae-Na.

The following morning, Seo-Won, concerned about Hae-Na missing school, decides to visit her. He encounters Joon-Seo playing a game on his phone and learns about the dog named Cocoa in the game. Seo-Won confronts Yul about the lie, but Yul insists that Joon-Seo named the game dog after his real dog, Cocoa.

Seo-Won accepts Yul’s explanation and leaves food at Hae-Na’s door, texting her to get well soon. Hae-Na, worried Eun-Hwan will reveal her secret to Seo-Won, panics. Yu-Na blames herself for Hae-Na’s condition and starts crying.

A Plan of Action Against Blackmail

Simultaneously, Woo-Taek, Mi-Sun, and Pan-Dong locate Sang-Soo’s address and confront him. They find Eun-Hwan’s address using his phone and ransack his studio, taking most of the hard drives and photographs. They force Sang-Soo to call Eun-Hwan and inform him about the studio’s destruction. Eun-Hwan, upset upon seeing his studio, calls Hae-Na and threatens to harm Seo-Won.

A Race Against Time and Hae-Na’s Secret Revealed

Hae-Na rushes to protect Seo-Won without considering the time. Seo-Won wakes up and convinces Eun-Hwan’s friend to release him. He finds Eun-Hwan attempting to livestream Hae-Na’s transformation and fights him, knocking him unconscious as Hae-Na flees.

Seo-Won follows Hae-Na and catches her just before her transformation. He asks Hae-Na to trust him and reveal her secret. Hae-Na tries to tell him but transforms into a dog in front of him, revealing the truth.

Despite his fear of dogs, Seo-Won recalls his fond memories with Hae-Na and embraces her. He kisses the dog version of Hae-Na, who transforms back into a human. Hae-Na is grateful for Seo-Won’s trust and confesses her feelings for him.

Bo-Gyeom’s Real Identity

A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 8 – Bo-Gyeom's identity is finally revealed.

Meanwhile, Bo-Gyeom wakes up from a dream where he curses Hae-Na as the mountain God. He goes to the abandoned house where Eun-Hwan is passed out. Eun-Hwan wakes up and searches for Seo-Won, but Bo-Gyeom erases the incident from his memory.

Later, Eun-Hwan wakes up alone and confused. A flashback shows a young girl named Cho-Young worshipping the Mountain Spirit and meeting Bo-Gyeom. The episode concludes with Hae-Na and Seo-Won confessing their feelings for each other… Sealing it with kisses.

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