Han So-Hee Addresses Plastic Surgery Rumours

In a heartfelt interaction with her fans, Han So-Hee recently opened up about various aspects of her life and career. During a group chat on a popular messaging app, the actress engaged in an honest dialogue with her supporters.

A Thoughtful Approach to Fan Meetings

Han So Hee expressed her desire to connect with her fans through a fan meeting, but with a condition. She emphasized her wish to hold such an event only when she feels confident in her skills as an actor. Her statement reflects a deep commitment to her craft and a desire to meet fans when she can truly be proud of her work.

Clarifying Surgery Rumours

Addressing the swirling rumours about plastic surgery, Han So-Hee clarified that her recent nose surgery was not for cosmetic enhancement but was a medical necessity. She underwent the procedure to treat allergic rhinitis, a condition that impeded her breathing.

The Impact of Rhinitis on Her Life

Han So-Hee detailed how rhinitis severely affected her quality of life, including breathing difficulties and changes in her nose’s appearance. She shared that the surgery, while offering temporary relief, was crucial for her well-being, allowing her to breathe more comfortably.

Anticipation for Upcoming Netflix Series

Amidst these personal revelations, Han So-Hee is also gearing up for the release of her highly anticipated Netflix series Gyeongseong Creature, set to premiere on December 22. The series, co-starring Park Seo-Jun, is touted as one of the most awaited K-dramas of 2023.

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