K-pop News 011223: Jisoo, ATEEZ, APINK and more

Welcome to our K-pop news digest for December 1, 2023! As the year winds down, the world of K-pop continues to buzz with excitement, offering a vibrant mix of comebacks, debuts, and intriguing stories. Let’s dive right in.

BLACKPINK’s JISOO Triumphs at 2023 MAMA Awards

K-pop News 011223: Jisoo wins big at MAMA 2023

BLACKPINK’s JISOO has reached a new pinnacle in her solo career, dominating the 2023 MAMA Awards. Her exceptional talent has been recognized globally, as she clinched the title of the Most Awarded Soloist. JISOO’s single Flower earned her accolades in multiple categories, including Best Music Video, Best Female Artist, and Best Female Solo Dance Performance. Fans worldwide celebrated her achievements, propelling ‘CONGRATULATIONS JISOO’ to the top of global trends.

Apink’s Festive Surprise: Pink Christmas

K-pop News 011223: APINK returns with Pink Christmas

Apink will delight fans this holiday season with their first-ever Christmas carol, Pink Christmas. The group’s agency, IST Entertainment, announced the release scheduled for December 11. The song, penned by members Eunji and Namjoo, promises to capture the essence of the festive season. Fans eagerly await this winter special single, marking Apink’s first release since their 10th mini-album Self.

ATEEZ Returns with Crazy Form

K-pop News 011223: ATEEZ returns with Crazy Form

ATEEZ has made a dynamic comeback with their 2nd full album, The World EP. FIN : Will, featuring the title track Crazy Form. The song, a fusion of dancehall and Afrobeat, showcases ATEEZ’s signature sound and energy. The accompanying music video presents the group as futuristic vigilantes, adding to the track’s intense vibe. The album, a creative collaboration among all members, includes unit songs and a diverse tracklist, solidifying ATEEZ’s artistic prowess.

KISS OF LIFE Wins Big at the Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards

Rising girl group KISS OF LIFE has been honoured with the Best New Artist award at the 31st Korea Culture and Entertainment Awards. Their remarkable talent and vibrant performances have made them stand out in the K-pop scene. The group expressed heartfelt gratitude for the award and promised continued growth and excellence in their future endeavours.

Nana Continues Her Journey with Pledis Entertainment

Singer and actress Nana has renewed her contract with Pledis Entertainment, continuing a 14-year partnership. Since her debut with After School in 2009, Nana has showcased her versatility in various acting roles, including the recent Netflix series Mask Girl. Her upcoming project, My Man Is Cupid, is set to premiere on Prime Video, adding another milestone to her illustrious career.

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