Sweet Home S1 Recap: Essentials to Remember Before Season 2

With the release of Sweet Home Season 2 on Netflix … It’s crucial to revisit some important details from the first season. The story follows 19-year-old Cha Hyun-Soo (Song Kang), who moves into Green Home Apartments after his family’s tragic death.

Soon, a terrifying phenomenon begins, with humans transforming into monstrous creatures … Not just in the apartment complex but across South Korea.

Hyun-Soo discovers he’s turning into a monster, marked by nosebleeds, a symptom of monsterization. The other residents, led by Eun-Hyuk (Lee Do-Hyun), decide to use Hyun-Soo’s emerging abilities to scavenge for necessities. The season is fraught with various monstrous transformations and the loss of several main characters. This include Jung Jae-Heon, Park Yoo-Ri, and others.

The season finale leaves viewers on a cliffhanger, with Eun-Hyuk’s fate uncertain as he begins to transform into a monster. The survivors, including Eun-Yoo (Go Min-Si) and Jisoo (Park Gyu-Young), are taken to a supposed safety camp.

Meanwhile, Hyun-Soo is driven away by a possessed Sang-Wook (Lee Jin-Wook). Seo Yi-Kyung (Lee Si-Young), still searching for her fiancé, joins the military.

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Key points to remember include:

The Curse of Transformation

In Sweet Home, humans undergo a monstrous transformation when they surrender to their darkest desires. This change, known as monsterization, is a curse, not a disease, marked by symptoms like nosebleeds and hallucinations. Those with strong willpower, called special infectees, can resist this transformation for a time.

Sound Sensitivity and Monster Strength

These monsters are highly sensitive to sound, making them susceptible to auditory attacks. Once fully transformed, they display incredible resilience and regenerative abilities, healing from severe injuries.

The Golden Hour and Monster Nature

The Golden Hour is a critical phase for half-human, half-monster beings, presenting a rare vulnerability. During this time, a fatal wound can be lethal. Interestingly, not all monsters in Sweet Home are malevolent. Examples include the benevolent infant and slime monsters, who have shown no harm and even helped humans.

Military Involvement and Experiments

The military plays a complex role, with Operation Golden Hour aiming to eradicate infected areas, regardless of the presence of humans or monsters. Their experiments on special infectees to find a cure have been unsuccessful.

With the release of Sweet Home Season 2 on Netflix, these details set the stage for another thrilling journey into this apocalyptic world.


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