Has RED VELVET’s Joy and Boyfriend Crush broken up?

RED VELVET’s Joy has caused a stir among K-pop fans by apparently unfollowing her boyfriend, Crush, on Instagram. This action has led to widespread speculation about a possible breakup. The couple, known for their public relationship since 2021, has been a favourite topic among K-pop enthusiasts, especially on social media platforms.

Fan Reactions and Controversy

The decrease in Joy’s Instagram following count, with Crush notably absent, has ignited immediate speculation among fans. ReVeluvs, RED VELVET’s fanbase, have expressed mixed reactions, with some suggesting Joy is now “free” from Crush. This sentiment arises from allegations of Crush’s misogynistic behaviour. Crush also faced recent controversy over his comments about dating idols with singer Sung Si-Kyung.

Crush’s Instagram Deactivation: A Twist in the Tale

In response to the breakup rumours, Crush’s fans have clarified that his Instagram deactivation led to his removal from Joy’s following list. The reason behind his deactivation remains unknown, but it’s speculated to be linked to the criticism he’s facing online.

Unconfirmed Rumors and Official Statements Pending

Amidst these speculations, there are unconfirmed rumours that Joy had unfollowed Crush even before his account was deactivated. However, as of now, there has been no official statement from either Joy or Crush regarding the matter.

A Look Back at Joy and Crush’s Relationship

Crush and Joy’s collaboration dates back to 2020, with Joy featuring in Crush’s song Mayday. Their on-screen chemistry in the song’s music video was a hit, contributing to its success in South Korea. After confirming their relationship in 2021, the couple has been less public with their affection, though they continued to support each other subtly.

Recent Activities of Joy and Crush

Joy recently returned with Red Velvet’s third studio album, Chill Kill, actively promoting it across various platforms. Following her, Crush released his third album, wonderego, and has been engaging in promotions through web shows and other content.

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