Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Review

* This review contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 4 of Sweet Home

In Season 2 of Sweet Home, the surviving tenants of Green Home Apartment venture out into the monstrous world, seeking a safe haven while confronting new challenges. They encounter other survivors and delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the outbreak. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su grapples with his dual identity as a human and a monster, facing a difficult choice that will determine the fate of everyone.

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Episode 4

The episode begins with a time-skip, taking place 377 days since the start of the monsterization crisis. The surviving humans now live in tunnels beneath the stadium, under the supervision of the remaining soldiers. Most of the soldiers are too focused on survival to care about the survivors, except for Chan-Young (Jung Jin-Young), who still tries to look out for them.

We are introduced to several new characters, including an autistic man, Oh Jun-Il, and his elderly mother. Things have changed for the Green Home residents. Eun-Yu (Go Min-Si) has grown tougher and more serious, and has apparently killed the husband of Chief Ji (Kim Shin-Rok), the de facto head of the survivors.

Eun-Yu frequently goes out into the outside world to scout for supplies. She has an antagonistic relationship with Chief Ji’s pampered daughter Ye-Seul (Yang Hye-Ji) who asks her to bring her some lipstick. Two survivors, Sang-Jin and Dong-Gi, are ordered by Chief Ji to follow Eun-Yu on her next trip outside.

Surviving in a new world

Sang-Jin and Dong-Gi run into Jun-Il and decide to take him with them. They follow Eun-Yu all the way to the now-abandoned city. She follows a trail that has been marked by strips of red cloth.

Through a flashback, we learn that she was actually attacked by Chief Ji’s husband who was turning into a monster. A mysterious figure saved her, leaving Chief Ji’s husband dead. As Eun-Yu fell unconscious, the figure tied a red cloth on her wrist.

The soldiers, led by Sergeant Kim (Kim Mu-Yeol) go on a expedition above ground in order to find food and fuel. They run into a monster, but do not kill it as it appears to be harmless. One of the soldiers, Choi, goes AWOL and heads to a nearby hospital in order to get medicine for his girlfriend.

Military drama

Back underground, we see that the Green Home residents are outcasts, as everyone believes that Eun-Yu killed Chief Ji’s husband. To everyone’s surprise, Chief Ji picks one of them to join her work crew to patch one of the outside walls. Mrs. Oh begs to be allowed on the crew, and a soft-hearted Chief Ji reluctantly agrees.

We learn that being part of the work crew is one way survivors can get extra pay, as well as spend some time above ground. Ye-Seul looks on while expressing her attraction towards Chan-Young, who is guarding them. It appears her only friend is Seon-Hwa, a woman who claims to be mad.

Mrs. Oh suddenly runs away and is chased by Chan-Young and Chief Ji. However, she accidentally steps on a landmine. Chan-Young continues to accompany Mrs. Oh until Sergeant Kim (Yu Oh-Seong) arrives on the scene. They manage to get her off it, but it explodes behind them.

Elsewhere, the soldiers discover that Choi is missing. However, they hear the explosion at the stadium and decide to return, leaving Choi behind.

A strange guardian

Sang-Jin believes that Chief Ji asked them to follow Eun-Yu in order to Kill her, but Dong-Gi disagrees. Sang-Jin takes a gun that Jun-Il has found, and continues to follow Eun-Yu. He fires at her several times but she manages to escape.

Meanwhile, Jun-Il wanders away by himself and comes across a garden, where he finds a sleeping girl. He touches her hand and the two of them share his memories. He falls into a trance and the girl pushes him away, telling him that he ‘did it himself’. She walks off as he suddenly begins to turn.

Eun-Yu leads Sang-Jin and Dong-Gi to a warehouse. While escaping, she falls off a beam and falls unconscious. The two men then run into the mysterious girl, and Sang-Jin shoots her. When Dong-Gi goes to check, she possessed him, causing him to kill Sang-Jin.

Eun-Yu then wakes up and discovers that she is surrounded by monsters. She tries to fight them off, but is almost overwhelmed by them. Just as they are about to kill Eun-Yu, a mysterious being saves her.

She chases after it, thinking it has to be her brother Eun-Hyuk. She begs him to show himself, but there is no response. At that point, she runs into the mysterious girl and Dong-Gi.

What we thought of the episode

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 4 certainly surprised us with the time skip. We are able to see how the humans have managed to survive in this new world. The Green Home residents have adapted in different ways, with Eun-Yu undergoing the biggest change.

Besides introducing new characters and conflicts, this episode sets the stage for an intriguing future. Who is the mysterious girl, and what are her powers? And will the delicate balance of power between the survivors and the soldiers hold? We are certainly looking forward to the next episode.

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