Top 10 reasons to watch Sweet Home Season 2

Get ready to dive back into the thrilling world of Sweet Home, with Season 2 currently airing on Netfliix. This season packs a punch with double the excitement and new faces that spice up the story. Imagine more intense battles, heartwarming moments of motherhood, and actors who’ve gone the extra mile (literally hitting the gym!) to bring their characters to life. Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should watch this amazing season:

1. Season 2 and 3 were produced concurrently

Director Lee Eung-Bok revealed that when they were making Season 1 back in 2020, he did not expect to make subsequent seasons. Therefore, he used Season 2 and 3 to supplement some plot details, and to fix any shortcomings. He added: “I’m sorry it took us three years to return [with Season 2], but for Season 3, you won’t have to wait too long.” Season 3 will be released in Summer 2024.

2. Season 2 is packed with intense fight scenes

Lee Jin Wook and Song Kang in Sweet Home Season 2

This time around, the action is dialed up to 11. We see plenty of battles between humans and monsters, as well as between the monster-humans themselves. Most notably, Hyun-Su and Ui-Myeong (who is possessing Sang-Wook’s body) have a pivotal battle in Season 2 Episode 3 over how they view humanity.

3. Season 2 has new characters in the cast

In Season 2, we are introduced to several new characters who impact the story in different ways. These include three members of the military, Sergeant Tak, Sergeant Kim and Park Chan-Young. There is also Dr. Lim, who offers new insights into how the infection began. We also have a new group of survivors, with characters played by Kim Shin-Rok, Hyun Bong-Sik and others.

4. Motherhood is one of Season 2’s biggest themes

Lee Si-young as Seo Yi-kyung in Sweet Home S2

Halfway through Season 1, firefighter Seo Yi-Kyung discovered that she was pregnant by her fiancé. In Season 2, she finally gives birth to her child, adding a new layer to her warrior-like character. According to actress Lee Si-Young: “There was some fear within me about whether I would be able to handle that emotional depth, but I really depended on Director Lee Eung-Bok in order to communicate that.”

5. The cast worked out for their roles

Because of the many intense action scenes, the actors had to work out in order to portray their roles. Both Song Kang and Lee Jin-Wook admitted to hitting the gym in order to match their characters’ strength and physicality in their fight scenes. In addition, Go Min-Si enrolled in an action training school three months before filming.

6. Lee Jin-Wook has a ‘dual’ role in the new season

Sweet Home S2 Lee Jin-Wook as Pyeon Sang-wook

In the Season 1 finale, Pyeon Sang-Wook’s body is possessed by the monster-human Ui-Myeong. To depict this complex character change in Season 2, Lee Jin-Wook enlisted the help of actor Kim Sung-Cheol who played Ui-Myeong in Season 1. He said: “I asked him to read my lines [for Season 2], and he recorded the lines and sent them to me.” He added that he felt Sang-Wook was still present within Ui-Myeong, and he hoped that he managed to convey that internal conflict.

7. Eun-Yu gets stronger in the search for her brother

Sweet Home S2 Ko Min-si as Lee Eun-yu in Sweet Home S2

The Season 1 finale saw Eun-Yu separating from her brother Eun-Hyuk. In Season 2, she goes on a mission to find him undergoing a drastic physical and emotional change. According to Go Min-Si: “She cuts her hair, trades ballet shoes for military boots, and she always has a weapon in her hand. And her whole body is covered in scars.” She also goes through some personal growth, learning how to sacrifice for others in order to keep them safe.

8. Jung Jin-Young inspired his character Park Chan-Young

Jung Jin-Young as Park Chan-Young in Sweet Home Season 2

Director Lee Eung-Bok said that he used Jung Jin-Young himself as the inspiration for the character he plays in Season 3. “He is such a good guy, so disciplined,” Director Lee said. “I think even in this apocalypse, I hope there’s someone that plays by the book, and who has a good heart. And I got to meet Jin-Young, who is that guy.”

9. Veteran actor Yu Oh-Seong has a key role in Season 2

Yu Oh-Seong as Sergeant Tak In-Hwan in Sweet Home Season 2

Among the new characters this season is Sergeant Tak In-Hwan. The stoic military man‘s actions influence the story in a pivotal way. Yu Oh-Seong also said this was his first project involving CGI monsters. “I’ve been working as an actor for 30 years, and this is my first time in such a big show, with a big budget,” he said. “And as I was filming, I realized it was so loved and supported not because of the VFX, but the [dedication] of the cast and crew.”

10. The cast included former Korean special forces

Actor Kim Mu-Yeol paid tribute to several of his co-stars who had served in the Korean special forces. They included Yook Jun-Seo, an actor-model who is also a former member of the Underwater Demolition Team (UDT). He said: “I was very thankful, because I could learn from them. I wanted to make sure that I kept their pride up, and pull off my role well so that no one would be disappointed.”

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