Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

* This review contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 6 of Sweet Home

In Season 2 of Sweet Home, the surviving tenants of Green Home Apartment venture out into the monstrous world, seeking a safe haven while confronting new challenges. They encounter other survivors and delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the outbreak. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su grapples with his dual identity as a human and a monster, facing a difficult choice that will determine the fate of everyone.

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Episode 6

The episode opens with Yi-Kyung (Lee Si-Young) ordering the mystery girl (Kim Si-A) to come to her. The girl does so, after telling Eun-Yu (Go Min-Si) that they will continue ‘next time’. Yi-Kyung ties the girl’s hands and takes her away, but Eun-Yu decides to chase after them, followed by Chan-Young (Jung Jin-Young).

While trying to find the two women, Eun-Yu suddenly falls into a pit. Chan-Young tries to pull her back up, but a mysterious figure pushes him and Eun-Yu into the pit, which has sharp spikes. Miraculously, they manage to avoid them.

Back in the stadium, Jun-Il manages to see his mother in the quarantine cage. She tries to convince him that she is alright, but he forces her to drink herbicide, saying that she needs to die before she can turn. However, the poison does not kill her, forcing an enranged Jun-Il to stab her to death. He then suddenly explodes, showering a horrified Dr. Lim in blood.

Dr. Lim runs to Sergeant Tak (Yu Oh-Seong) to beg for his help. Realizing that this could cause chaos, Sergeant Tak helps him to stage the scene as though Mrs. Oh turned into a monster and killed her son. We learn that Sergeant Tak brought Dr. Lim there to continue his research into monsterization in secret.

Things fall apart

Yi-Kyung takes the girl to the river and prepares to take them across. However, the girl says she will not leave until she finds ‘him’. Yi-Kyung makes her go anyway, and the girl secretly signals her baby monster friend on the riverbank, urging it to stay hidden.

Back at the shelter, Chief Ji (Kim Shin-Rok) looks at a photo of herself with her husband and a young boy, saying to herself that they’re ‘almost there’. She quickly hides it when Ye-Seul (Yang Hye-Ji) walks in, and berates her daughter for disturbing her.

Just then, Sergeant Tak announces Mrs. Oh’s death, leading to unrest among the survivors. Chief Ji is horrified, as she had planned to free Mrs. Oh after Jun-Il had seen her.

Sergeant Kim (Kim Mu-Yeol) argues with one of his men about their missing comrade Choi. The soldier accuses Sergeant Kim of being a coward because he will not let them go out to rescue Choi. They then discover that Chan-Young, Eun-Yu, Sang-Jin and Dong-Gi are missing from roll call. Believing that they ran away, the soldiers decide to look for any hidden exits in the tunnels.

Keeping secrets

Sergeant Tak and Chief Ji have a tense conversation about the missing people, and she accuses him of trying to be a dictator. He cryptically reveals that he knows she is hiding something.

When he leaves, Chief Ji turns a mysterious lever. Ye-Seul comes to her door and overhears metal clanking. She tries to break in, but Chief Ji opens the door and slaps her. She tells Ye-Seul that she has coddled her for too long and chases her away.

Elsewhere, Chan-Young and Eun-Yu are still trapped in the pit, with monsters circling above them. They discuss the day of the attack, and Eun-Yu hints that it was probably her brother who protected her. The conversation causes them to grow closer. Just then, a rope is thrown down to them, and they manage to climb out.

They then run into Ho-Sang (Hyun Bong-Sik) and Ha-Ni. Ha-Ni takes a liking to Chan-Young, and both he and Eun-Yu are taken prisoner.

Mother and daughter

Back at the shelter, Dr. Lim tries to find an explanation for Jun-Il’s sudden monsterization. He realizes that the mysterious girl is the key.

Meanwhile, we see that Yi-Kyung and the girl, who is actually her daughter, are on a boat. The two have a complicated relationship, with Yi-Kyung keeping the girl hidden to stop her from using her powers to turn people into monsters. The girl admits to using her powers again, and an angry Yi-Kyung locks her up.

We see a flashback of Yi-Kyung fighting off a group of men trying to kill her daughter. In order to defend herself, the girl uses her powers to make one of the men kill his companions.

The girl sets the boat on fire in order to make Yi-Kyung open the door. At the same time, the baby monster boards the ship, and Yi-Kyung tries to kill it, despite the girl pleading with her not to. The baby monster manages to escape, and the girl asks Yi-Kyung if she will kill her as well.

When Yi-Kyung denies it, the girl reveals that she knows all of her mother’s secret thoughts about how she wishes the girl would disappear. The girl then jumps into the water, leaving a sorrowful Yi-Kyung behind.

A monster rises

Eun-Yu tries to escape Ho-Sang’s hideout, but Ha-Ni lets her go on her own. Chan-Young later wakes up to find Eun-Yu gone, and Ha-Ni lying next to him. She tries to be affectionate, but he rejects her and tries to leave. Ha-Ni then offers him some soup, which knocks him out.

Back at the shelter, tensions are fraying between the civilians and the soldiers. Ji-Na urges Sergeant Kim to go and search for her boyfriend Choi. While in the radio room, he overhears an SOS signal coming from Bamseon.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Tak is showing signs of infection. He imagines a conversation with his monster self, revealing that he really did kill his family members. The hallucination almost causes him to strangle Dr. Lim as well. Dr. Lim then reveals that he can turn Sergeant Tak into a ‘special infectee’, allowing him to continue protecting the shelter.

Eun-Yu heads back to the warehouse, believing her brother is there, only to run into the girl. Eun-Yu asks to meet with Yi-Kyung, but the girl says that ‘mom’ told her all humans were bad. She then pushes Eun-Yu into a deep pit. It appears that Eun-Yu is headed for certain death, but Hyun-Su (Song Kang) suddenly flies down and rescues her.

What we thought of the episode

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 6 really ramped up the emotional stakes for our characters. The unexpected deaths of Mrs. Oh and her Jun-Il, as well as the still-missing Choi, have increased the stress felt by both the survivors and the soldiers.

We also were hit with several major revelations. Not only did we learn that it was Sergeant Tak who brought in Dr. Lim, but that the doctor can somehow replicate his earlier research. In addition, Chief Ji appears to be hiding a huge secret inside her room, with unknown consequences for everyone in the shelter.

We also learnt the true identity of the mystery girl, as well as the reasons why Yi-Kyung kept her away from other humans. And of course, the biggest shock: Hyun-Su is still alive. Now that he has reunited with Eun-Yu, we may finally learn what happened after Ui-Myeong trapped him.

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