K-pop News 041223: BLACKPINK, YOONA, BTS Jin and more

Annyeonghaseyo, K-pop fans! Buckle up for another whirlwind day in the world of Korean Entertainment. In today’s K-pop news for December 4th, we’ve got a jam-packed digest ready to feed your fangirling (or fanboying) needs.

BLACKPINK’s Historic Achievement on Spotify

K-pop News 041223: BLACKPINK

BLACKPINK has once again solidified their global dominance by achieving a historic milestone on Spotify. The group has been named Spotify’s #1 Most Streamed Girl Group for 2023 … A remarkable feat considering they did not have a group comeback this year. Their only release was a non-promotional track for their video game, The Game. Despite this, BLACKPINK managed to surpass other female acts, many of whom had multiple releases throughout the year.

FIFTY FIFTY’s Keena: Turning Royalties into Generosity

K-pop News 041223: KEENA

Keena of FIFTY FIFTY has transformed her music royalties into an act of kindness. Sge donated 10 million won to support young adults transitioning to independence. This generous contribution to the Korean Red Cross will aid programs that enhance the self-reliance capabilities of these individuals. Keena’s decision reflects her commitment to making a positive impact and supporting the dreams of young people facing challenges.

YoonA’s Asia Fan Meeting Tour After 6 Years

YoonA is set to connect with fans across Asia in her upcoming fan meeting tour, ‘YOONA FAN MEETING TOUR: YOONITE.’ The tour, starting in Seoul, will span eight cities, including Hong Kong, Macao, Taipei, Yokohama, Bangkok, Manila, and Jakarta. The tour’s title, ‘YOONITE,’ symbolizes the unity between YoonA and her fans. Fans can expect a variety of exclusive segments, performances, and interactive sessions, showcasing YoonA’s deep appreciation for her supporters.

BTS Jin’s Unique Birthday Celebrations

BTS Jin’s birthday was celebrated in grand style, thanks to the Pick Your Own Idol star voting event on Idolpick. Jin garnered a staggering 376,063 picks, resulting in a week-long outdoor LED billboard advertisement in Myeong-dong, Seoul, and other celebratory events. Despite Jin’s military service, his fans have shown unwavering support, marking his birthday with widespread celebrations.

Pentagon’s Shinwon to Begin Military Service

Cube Entertainment has announced that Pentagon’s Shinwon will commence his military service on December 21st. The agency has requested fans to support Shinwon in spirit rather than visiting his place of duty, ensuring a smooth transition into his service.

NEWJEANS and Suga in Rolling Stone’s Best Albums of the Year

BTS Suga’s D-Day and NEWJEANS’ Get Up have been honoured in Rolling Stone’s Top 100 Albums of 2023. NEWJEANS ranked 33rd, while Suga’s album placed 69th. Rolling Stone praised NEWJEANS for their strong pop presence and Suga for exploring the concept of freedom through his music and lyrics.

And that wraps up our K-pop news roundup for December 4, 2023. In the meantime, you might like:

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