Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

* This review contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 7 of Sweet Home

In Season 2 of Sweet Home, the surviving tenants of Green Home Apartment venture out into the monstrous world, seeking a safe haven while confronting new challenges. They encounter other survivors and delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the outbreak. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su grapples with his dual identity as a human and a monster, facing a difficult choice that will determine the fate of everyone.

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Episode 7

The penultimate episode of Sweet Home delves deeper into the characters’ dilemmas and the overarching narrative. The episode opens with a flashback of Yi-Kyung (Lee Si-Young) attempting to kill her newborn baby. However, she stops when the baby begins to cry. Just then Hyun-Su (Song Kang) appears, and Yi-Kyung leaves her daughter with him. Hyun-Su raises her, while Yi-Kyung watches from afar.

Some time later, a remorseful Yi-Kyung returns for her daughter, and tries to be a good mother to her. However, when her daughter uses her monstrous abilities, Yi-Kyung has to accept that she is still a monster. She forces her daughter to wear gloves, as a way to protect her.

A cold reunion

Back in the present, Hyun-Su saves Eun-Yu (Go Min-Si) from falling to her death. She tries to speak to him, but he reacts coldly to her. Eun-realizes that he was the one who had been protecting her all this while, and is heartbroken. She approaches him several times, but he chases her off. Ho-Sang (Hyun Bong-Sik) arrives and threatens Hyun-Su and the girl (Kim Si-A) with his gun, and they leave.

The girl later accuses Hyun-Su of ‘breaking his promise’ by protecting a human like Eun-Yu. She says she despises humans for their cruelty towards monsters. She says humans have been killing all her friends, leaving her alone. The girl adds that she wants humans to feel the same pain that she feels. Hyun-Su tries to reason with her, but she says that her ‘home’ is gone.

Yi-Kyung returns to the burning boat and almost dies from smoke inhalation. The baby monster jumps aboard and tries to save her, but faints. Hyun-Su arrives and manages to rescue them both. Yi-Kyung later says it is her fault that the girl turned out to be a monster, and says she doesn’t deserve to be a mother. Hyun-Su shows her the injured baby monster, and tells her it tried to save her because it recognized her as ‘family’.

Twisted love

Ho-Sang and Eun-Yu return to the camp and discover that Ha-Ni has poisoned Chan-Young (Jung Jin-Young). Ho-Sang goes to look for an antidote, while Ha-Ni is distraught over the possibility of losing Chan-Young.

At the shelter, Ye-Seul (Yang Hye-Ji) cries over the missing Chan-Young. Seon-Hwa (Yoon Se-Ah) reminds her that they are meeting Peter that day. Later, they and several other survivors discuss their life underground. The two women temporarily forget their worries and dance to music.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Kim (Kim Mu-Yeol) prepares to go to Bamseon on his own to rescue Choi. However, Sergeant Tak (Yu Oh-Seong) shows up and tells him to take some soldiers with him. Dr. Lim (Oh Jung-Se) tags along, as he also has some business at Bamseon, and brings a suitcase with him.

Mission to Bamseon

On the way to Bamseon, Dr. Lim makes the soldiers stop so that he can relieve himself. A group of monsters appear, leading to a tense gun battle. They manage to escape, but Sergeant Kim forces open the suitcase, revealing a sample from a monster cocoon which Dr. Lim collected.

They reach Bamseon and are shocked to see that it is almost fully covered by vegetation. Sergeant Kim remarks that with humans gone, nature is healing itself. The group enter the building and split up to search for Choi. Dr. Lim asks Sergeant Kim and another soldier, Seok-Chan, to accompany him to his old laboratory.

Monster alert

Back at the shelter, a series of loud bangs are heard from below The soldiers get an alert that a monster is inside the stadium, and gather Chief Ji (Kim Shin-Rok) and the other survivors together.

The survivors accuse the soldiers of slacking in their duties, but Sergeant Tak and his men hold them at gunpoint. Sergeant Tak says anyone showing symptoms of monsterization will be executed. Chief Ji tells Sergeant Tak to ‘lead by example’ and cut himself to show he is still human. Tak does so, and the lights go off, leaving everyone terrified. Amidst the confusion, we see Sergeant Tak’s wound close, revealing that he is infected.

Chief Ji returns to her room and opens the secret door there, revealing a ladder leading downwards.

Attack in Bamseon

At Bamseon, the soldiers discover that the place is full of bodies. One of the soldiers is captured, and his comrades soon find his dead body trapped by a cocoon. They are forced to retreat, as a sludge monster begins chasing after them.

Sergeant Kim follows Dr. Lim into the former command center, which has been overtaken by several cocoons, including a giant one that is glowing. Dr. Lim says that ‘the monsters are changing’. Sergeant Kim orders him to head to the lab, but Dr. Lim refuses to leave the cocoons.

A tense reunion

We cut to the camp, where Chan-Young has recovered from the poison. Hyun-Su then appears, carrying an injured Yi-Kyung. Eun-Yu runs to embrace him, and he asks for her help.

Chan-Young and Ha-Ni go to retrieve Yi-Kyung, but Ho-Sang shoots Hyun-Su, recognizing he is a monster. Eun-Yu holds Ha-Ni hostage in order to protect Hyun-Su, and there is a tense stand-off before Ha-Ni breaks free. She and Ho-Sang drive off, leaving the others behind. Hyun-Su’s wound heals, and Chan-Young says that they should head back to the shelter. The four of them move out.

At the shelter, Sergeant Tak hallucinates that he has turned into a monster and killed all the survivors. His conscience mocks him, challenging him to tell everyone that he is actually the monster they are looking for. The episode ends with one of his soldiers entering his room and seeing that the cut on his arm has healed.

What we thought of the episode

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 7 started off on an emotional note, as we learnt that Hyun-Su helped to raise the mysterious girl after Yi-Kyung abandoned her. However, while Hyun-Su still wants to protect humans, the girl seems ready to attack humanity, setting the stage for a future conflict.

The situation at the shelter finally reaches a breaking point. With Sergeant Tak’s monsterization, and Chief Ji’s secret making itself know, the survivors may soon be in danger. Whether Hyun-Su will get there in time, and what role he will play is still unknown.

We are also curious about the situation at Bamseon, and what the cocoons mean. We look forward to seeing how all these different plotlines will finally get resolved in the final episode.

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