My Demon Episode 4 Recap and Review

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 4 of My Demon

My Demon is a captivating fantasy romantic-comedy series revolving around a demon, Jung Gu-Won, who unexpectedly loses his powers. In a twist of fate, he becomes entangled with Do Do-hee, the spirited and assertive heir to the Mirei Group. Gu-Won must form a marriage contract with Do-hee, as she becomes the key to regaining his abilities. Their relationship soon evolves from a contractual agreement to a hellish romantic entanglement.

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Episode 4: Sweet but Dangerous

Episode 4 of My Demon begins right where we left off, with Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung) taking a bold step by proposing marriage to Gu-Won (Song Kang). To her shock, he rejects her. Gu-Won says that as her bodyguard, he keeps his work and personal life separate.

The rest of the family is left shaken by the contents of the will. Noh Seok-Min (Kim Tae-Hoon) recalls how 12 years ago, his mother allowed him to be arrested after he ran over someone while drunk. He indicates his desire to get revenge on Do-Hee.

New boss in charge

Do-Hee downplays her proposal in order to save face. She heads home, and Gu-Won notices she left Madam Ju’s (Kim Hae-Sook) letter in the car. He tries to return it to her, but turns around after overhearing her angry rant about him. Park Bok-Gyu (Heo Jeong-Do) later teases him about the proposal, but Gu-Won says that love is a weakness.

Seok-Hoon (Lee Sang-Yi) visits Do-Hee to check on her. She shares her suspicions about Madam Ju’s death and blames herself for not foreseeing the danger. Seok-Heon asks her about Gu-Won, and she says he saved her life several times. He offers to stay and protect her, but she tells him not to worry.

Do-Hee then discovers that the failed proposal has made the news, and calls Gu-Won to the riverside. They have an angry conversation where they both agree they do not want to get married. Gu-Won drives her home, and realizes that he is beginning to care about Do-Hee.

Memories of the past

Do-Hee finally reads Madam Ju’s letter. Madam Ju writes that she understands the difficult position she has put Do-Hee in, but included the condition of marriage so that she would not feel lonely. She adds that Do-Hee should walk away if the situation gets too dangerous.

Meanwhile, Gu Won begins recalling his human life as a Joseon nobleman named Yi-Sun. He shares this news with Bok-Gyu, who suggests Gu Won might be turning human again. Gu Won is horrified by the prospect of aging, and decides to stay close to Do-Hee to recharge his powers.

We also see that the thugs whom Gu-Won defeated in Episode 1 have returned, and have made it their mission to take him down. We later see the assassin who is after Do-Hee secretly directing them to Gu-Won.

Office party

Gu-Won follows Do-Hee to her office. She and Gu-Won view CCTV footage to find who tampered with Madam Ju’s medication. He offers to use his powers to identify the culprit, and Do-Hee agrees to let him ‘recharge’ anytime he needs. However, nothing happens.

Worried that he has lost his powers, he tests it out by transporting them both to a supply closet. There, they overhear some of the staff gossiping about their possible relationship. They manage to escape before they are discovered. Eventually, they realize the reason Gu-Won cannot locate the culprit is because he wore a mask.

Do-Hee later gets a call from Seok-Hoon, and they both realize that the CCTV footage and the late finance head’s laptop have been tampered with. He invites her to dinner to discuss it, but Gu-Won informs her that they have team dinner to attend.

A sudden attack

Gu-Won and Do-Hee attend a team dinner that is meant to welcome him to the company. Gu-Won holds Do-Hee’s hand throughout the dinner to prevent her from getting drunk. The staff ask if he rejected her proposal because he didn’t like her. Gu-Won says he does, but then accidentally insults her.

An angry Do-Hee chases Gu-Won away. As he leaves, he is found and chased by the group of thugs. They manage to corner and attack him, and he almost dies as he has no powers. Fortunately, Do-Hee arrives just in time to save him.

She manages to fend the thugs off with peper spray, and Gu-Won uses his powers to make all the thugs dance. He and Do-Hee literally tango their way out of danger, in a hilariously choreographed fight scene. They finish their dance together, having saved each other this time.

What we thought of the episode

Episode 4 of My Demon lays the foundation for the investigation into the death of Madam Ju. We see the aftermath of the revelation of Do-Hee as the heir, including how much Seok-Min resented his mother’s influence. Is he the killer, or just a red herring? Only time will tell.

Do-Hee and Gu-Won decide to work together out of convenience, but it soon becomes clear that they are beginning to develop feelings for one another. The episode showcases their gradual falling in love, enriching the story with a romantic dimension. Both Kim Yoo-Jung and Song Kang play their parts excellently, showcasing both the antagonistic and tender sides of their characters’ relationship.

We also got the start of a new mystery: Gu-Won’s past as a human. It will be intriguing to see what his life was like, and how he became a demon.

Do-Hee’s assassin makes his return with an attempt to separate her from her ‘bodyguard’. It is clear he will try to kill her again, but what are his reasons? We look forward to finding out some answers in the next episode of My Demon.

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