Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

* This review contains spoilers for Season 2 Episode 8 of Sweet Home

In Season 2 of Sweet Home, the surviving tenants of Green Home Apartment venture out into the monstrous world, seeking a safe haven while confronting new challenges. They encounter other survivors and delve deeper into the mysteries surrounding the outbreak. Meanwhile, Hyun-Su grapples with his dual identity as a human and a monster, facing a difficult choice that will determine the fate of everyone.

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Episode 8

The final episode of Sweet Home Season 2 begins with Chief Ji (Kim Sin-Rok) asking Green Home resident Seung-Wan for help. She brings him to her room and tells him that she plans on expanding the shelter’s territory underground. She also reveals that she knows he is infected.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Tak (Yu Oh-Seong) learns from his soldier that the power supply was sabotaged. He finds one of Ye-Seul’s (Yang Hye-Ji) rings on the floor and the soldiers take her into custody.

Chief Ji later goes to see Seung-Wan, whom she has hidden in the secret tunnel. She kicks him down a flight of stairs into a lower chamber filled with bodies. Despite his pleas for her to save him, she locks the door, as we hear a monster growling.

Danger underground

At Bamseon, Sergeant Kim (Kim Mu-Yeol) and Seok-Chan decide to regroup with the other team before resuming their search for Choi. Elsewhere, the two remaining soldiers find a pit filled with humans in various stages of monsterization. The monsters attack, and they run into a mysterious well-dressed man who offers to hide them. Instead, he locks them inside one of the labs.

Sergeant Kim and Seok-Chan search an abandoned room and find a terrified girl. They comfort her, and she reveals that she has seen Choi pass by before. She agrees to take them to him.

A final goodbye

Meanwhile, Hyun-Su (Song Kang), Eun-Yu (Go Min-Si) and Chan-Young (Jung Jin-Young) bring the injured Yi-Kyung (Lee Si-Young) to an abandoned hospital. They try to treat her carbon monoxide poisoning from the fire, but are unable to find any oxygen.

Eun-Yu is heartbroken over the possibility of losing Yi-Kyung, and tells Hyun-Su about the other Green Home residents who died. She reveals that her brother Eun-Hyuk may have been turning into a monster himself.

Hyun-Su leaves the hospital to look for the mystery girl (Kim Si-A) so that she can say goodbye to Yi-Kyung. He finds her in the garden and begs her to follow him, but she refuses, as she believes Yi-Kyung hates her. Hyun-Su manages to convince the girl, telling her she will regret it if she doesn’t see her mother one last time.

A monster is born

Back at the hospital, Eun-Yu tells Chan-Young the truth about the night Chief Ji’s husband died. Hyun-Su returns with the girl, and brings her to a dying Yi-Kyung, who apologizes to her. The girl takes her hand and then leaves, telling the others that Yi-Kyung is not dying.

They rush into the room and find that Yi-Kyung has been transformed. Half her body is monsterized, while the other half remains human. She attacks Hyun-Su, and he sees her memories, and her emotional conflict regarding her daughter. In tears, he manages to fend off Yi-Kyung, but realizes that he is the only one who can stop her.

Eun-Yu decides to stay with Hyun-Su at the hospital, while a sorrowful Chan-Young returns to the stadium. Elsewhere, we see that Ho-Sang (Hyun Bong-Sik) and Ha-Ni have split up as well, with Ha-Ni poisoning Ho-Sang and driving away on her own.

Under attack

In Bamseon, Sergeant Kim and Seok-Chan follow the girl to a dungeon where monsters and infectees are imprisoned. They see that Choi is locked up. Sergeant Kim tells Seok-Chan to stay with him, while he goes with the girl to meet the leader of the Bamseon survivors.

Sergeant Kim meets the well-dressed man, and asks him to release Choi. The man refuses, and Sergeant Kim shoots him, telling him he knows that Choi is not infected. The man then reveals they were giving Choi a chance to ‘become like them’. All the soldiers are suddenly attacked by the man’s monster-human hybrids.

Dr. Lim (Oh Jung-Se) attempts to touch the glowing cocoon, but is distracted by the presence of a hooded man. He chases after the man, whom we see is ‘Sang-Wook’ (Lee Jin-Wook).

A new threat emerges

At the hospital, Eun-Ju goes to see Hyun-Su, but realizes that he is being possessed by someone. She orders the person to bring Hyun-Su back, but they say they are there to help heal Hyun-Su’s body. The person then asks Eun-Yu what she wants to do.

At the lab, the hooded man tells Dr. Lim that he knew he would return to the lab. He then reveals that he is really Sang-Won, Yi-Kyung’s fiancé and Dr. Lim’s former colleague, now possessing Sang-Wook’s body.

The episode ends with us returning to Green Home. We see the cocoon in one of the abandoned buildings hatch, revealing Eun-Hyuk (Lee Do-Hyun), who smiles menacingly.

What we thought of the episode

Sweet Home Season 2 Episode 8 leaves us with more questions than answers. We finally learnt what Chief Ji was hiding in her room, but we don’t know if it makes any difference to the chaotic situation developing in the stadium, especially since Sergeant Tak himself is most certainly a monster in the making. We also have all the various subplots involving the other stadium survivors, all of which remain unsolved.

And while we were happy to see Hyun-Su and Yi-Kyung again, they both ended the season in drastically different circumstances. With Yi-Kyung now a monster, and Hyun-Su seemingly possessed by a new entity, it looks as though they are being set up to fight again in the future.

We also have the introduction to a new player, the mysterious man in Bamseon. His identity and reasons for creating new monster-human hybrids are unknown, and it looks as though he will make the soldiers there his new test subjects. The revelation that Yi-Kyung’s fiancé is in possession of Sang-Wook’s body also makes us wonder what happened to Ui-Myeong.

Hopefully, we will get the answers to all these questions in Sweet Home Season 3, which is set to premiere in Summer 2024.

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