ADOR Protects NEWJEANS with Legal Action Against Malicious Comments

ADOR, the agency representing the popular K-pop group NEWJEANS, has announced decisive legal action against malicious comments directed at the group. This move comes as a response to negative remarks encountered during live interactions with fans.

Restricting Live Comments for Safety

In a recent statement, ADOR declared a change in their policy regarding live comments during broadcasts. “While we initially allowed all live comments to encourage open communication with NEWJEANS, due to instances of malicious comments, we have decided to restrict live comments to subscribed members only going forward,” the agency stated. This decision aims to foster a safer and more positive environment for both the artists and fans.

Legal Action Against Offenders

ADOR has been actively pursuing legal measures against various offences, including defamation, insults, and the spread of false information about NEWJEANS. “Our commitment to the protection and improvement of NEWJEANS remains unwavering,” affirmed the agency, highlighting their dedication to safeguarding the group’s well-being.

Incident During Live Broadcast

The decision follows an incident during a live broadcast involving NEWJEANS members Minji and Hyein. Confronted with inappropriate comments, Minji took screenshots as evidence, while Hyein expressed her discomfort. This proactive approach by the members led to ADOR’s swift action to implement restrictions and pursue legal recourse.

Ongoing Battle Against Cyberbullying

NEWJEANS, consisting of teenage members, has faced a continuous stream of negative comments since their debut. ADOR has been firm in its stance against such cyberbullying, especially when it targets underage artists. The agency’s stern warning against defamation, false information, and character assassination reflects its zero-tolerance policy towards such harmful behaviour.

ADOR’s commitment to taking legal action and implementing protective measures underscores the agency’s dedication to creating a safe and respectful environment for NEWJEANS. This approach serves as a strong message against cyberbullying and malicious behaviour in the entertainment industry.


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