BLACKPINK Renews Group Activity Contract with YG

BLACKPINK, the globally celebrated K-pop group, has officially renewed their contracts with YG Entertainment, solidifying their continued collaboration for group activities. This renewal, confirmed by YG Entertainment in a statement to Ilgan Sports, marks a significant milestone in the group’s illustrious career.

A Future of Promising Endeavors

YG Entertainment expressed their commitment to fostering BLACKPINK’s growth as global artists, promising to deliver more albums and world tours to BLINKs worldwide. “Following careful discussions with BLACKPINK, we have signed a new exclusive contract for the group’s activities, based on the strong trust held in each other,” stated YG Entertainment.

Yang Hyun-Suk’s Support and Vision

Yang Hyun Suk, expressing his delight over the contract renewal, shared his vision for BLACKPINK’s future. “I am happy to be able to continue my relationship with BLACKPINK. In the future, BLACKPINK will do their best to shine even brighter in the global music market and as a K-Pop artist. I will provide them full support and trust in what they do,” he commented.

Speculations Put to Rest

The announcement comes after months of speculation about BLACKPINK’s future with YG Entertainment. Notably, the contract renewal pertains solely to group activities, leaving open the possibility for individual contracts with other agencies. YG Entertainment acknowledged ongoing discussions regarding individual contracts, stating, “We are still in discussions [regarding individual contracts].”

Korean Netizens React to the News

The news of BLACKPINK’s contract renewal with YG Entertainment has garnered significant attention and reactions from netizens. Fans have expressed their excitement and anticipation for more active promotions from the group, as promised by YG Entertainment. The label’s commitment to more albums and world tours has been particularly well-received by the fan community.

  • “I never doubted BLACKPINK!!! Finally, it’s official.”
  • “BLACKPINK is what’s important because it is important whether they release albums or not.”
  • “F@cking love this.”
  • “I guess they aren’t signing with YG for their individual promotions.”
  • “If the group releases even one album a year, it’s a success for YG.”
  • “I don’t think this harms the group, as I think YG also played a role in the group’s success.”
  • “AHHH! I am already anticipating the group’s next album.”
  • “AHH! Please come back next year.”

BLACKPINK’s decision to renew their contract with YG Entertainment for group activities heralds a new era of growth and success for the group. With the support of YG Entertainment and the enthusiasm of their fans, BLACKPINK is poised to continue their ascent in the global music industry.

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