BTS Members’ Heartfelt Plea to ARMY Before Military Enlistment

BTS, the globally renowned K-pop group, is moving forward with their military enlistment process, as officially announced by BIGHIT MUSIC. RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are set to fulfil their mandatory military duties. RM and V follow individual procedures, while Jimin and Jungkook are scheduled to enlist together. BIGHIT MUSIC emphasized that there will be no official events on their enlistment day.

A Special Request to ARMY

In a recent Weverse live session, the BTS members took the opportunity to connect with their fans, ARMY, for a heartfelt farewell. During this live interaction, they expressed their hopes to return happy and healthy post-service. In a significant moment, they made a sincere request to their fans.

Plea for Privacy and Respect

With Jin, J-Hope, and Suga already serving their military service, the tradition of requesting privacy during the enlistment ceremony continues. The remaining members, about to embark on their military journey, echoed this sentiment. They asked ARMYs to respect the privacy of their fellow recruits and their families by refraining from attending the enlistment ceremonies.

A Moment of Seriousness

Highlighting the gravity of their request, RM and V kneeled during the live session, earnestly pleading with fans to honour their wishes for privacy. This gesture underscored their deep concern for the respect and well-being of themselves and their fellow recruits.

International ARMYs React

The moment quickly went viral, with international ARMYs responding to the clip from the livestream. Many fans expressed their understanding and support, hoping that people will respect the boundaries and wishes of the BTS members during this significant time in their lives.

BTS members’ military service reflects their commitment to serving their nation and ARMY’s well-being. This moment serves as a reminder of the deep bond between BTS and their fans, even as they temporarily step away from the spotlight.

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