Haerin’s Striking Appearance in Dior Pictorial

Haerin of NEWJEANS has recently graced a pictorial for Christian Dior Beauty, showcased in W Korea. The young K-pop star displayed a series of makeup looks … Blending her natural youthful charm with the sophistication of the luxury brand. Her ability to adapt to various styles highlights her versatility and emerging status as a fashion icon.

Mixed Reactions from Netizens

The pictorial, while showcasing Haerin’s stunning beauty, has elicited mixed responses from netizens. Some expressed concerns that the heavy makeup might not align with Haerin’s youthful image. Comments ranged from admiration of her beauty to reservations about the suitability of the makeup for her age.

Diverse Opinions Reflect Varied Tastes

Netizens’ comments varied widely, with some remarking on her doll-like appearance and others feeling the makeup was too mature for her.

Comments like “She’s just a kid, lol. Looks like a child trying to portray adult concept,” and “She’s so pretty,” reflect the diverse opinions on Haerin’s portrayal in the pictorial.

Others appreciated her natural beauty, saying, “She has such a baby face,” and “She’s cute.”

Finding the Balance Between Youth and Maturity

The pictorial has sparked a conversation about the balance between preserving the natural youthfulness of young stars while exploring more mature and sophisticated styles. Some netizens felt that certain styles were more age-appropriate, as seen in comments like, “I like the lovely style in the last photo. That one seems good for her age.”

Looking Forward to Haerin’s Future

Despite differing views, there’s agreement on Haerin’s potential and excitement for her future growth. Comments like “She so young and cute. I can’t wait how much more beautiful she’ll be in her 20s,” encapsulate the anticipation for her future growth both as an artist and a fashion icon.

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