RIIZE set for January comeback with new single

RIIZE is poised for a much-anticipated comeback with a new single slated for release on January 5, 2024. This announcement comes just three months after their digital single Talk Saxy in October, showcasing the group’s commitment to making a mark in the K-Pop industry. Fans are abuzz with excitement, eagerly anticipating the concept and style of RIIZE’s upcoming release.

Rising popularity and achievements

Since their debut on September 4, RIIZE has captured public attention with tracks like Memories and Get a Guitar. The latter, known for its funky guitar rhythm and catchy melody, has significantly contributed to their growing popularity.

The group’s unique take on K-Pop, termed ‘Emotional-Pop,’ has resonated globally, earning them top spots on China’s QQ Music Korean Music Weekly Chart and Japan’s Oricon Daily Album Chart. Their recent accolades include ‘Rookie of the Year’ at the Melon Music Awards and ‘Favorite New Artist’ at the 2023 MAMA, solidifying their status as a powerful newcomer in the industry.

Comeback may not feature Seunghan

It is unknown whether RIIZE member Seunghan will be involved in the group’s upcoming comeback. Seunghan has been on an indefinite hiatus from the group since November 22, following several recent controversies. In addition, Korean news articles announcing the comeback have only highlighted six members of RIIZE.

On Reddit, fans discovered that an online article by Korean daily Ilgan Sports initially featured a photo of all 7 RIIZE members. Shortly afterwards, the photo was changed to a composite photo of just 6 members. The mention of the group having 7 members was also removed from the article.

It should be noted that following Seunghan’s hiatus, SM Entertainment said that RIIZE will continue promoting as six members. Nonetheless, Seunghan’s possible exclusion from the comeback will come as a disappointment to fans hoping to see all 7 members together again.

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