A Good Day To Be A Dog Episode 9 – Recap and Review


Episode 9 of A Good Day To Be a Dog opens with Hae-Na rejoicing the end of her curse, surrounded by her family. She shares the exciting news of her official relationship with Cha Eun-Woo’s character, Seo-Won, with her sister.

Secret Romance at School

The newly formed couple, striving to keep their relationship hidden from the school, find themselves in the throes of a honeymoon phase. Despite their efforts to maintain secrecy, including exchanging love notes and meeting in secluded spots, their romance is nearly exposed when a teacher and a student catch a glimpse of them together.

Suspenseful Twists in the Plot

The episode reveals the school vice principal as a follower of the mountain god Bo-Gyeom. Bo-Gyeom hands a mysterious talisman meant for Hae-Na to the vice principal.

Meanwhile, Ji-Ah stumbles upon a shocking discovery in his basement, linking her to a past life and Bo-Gyeom’s hidden truth.

Tense Moments and a Passionate Kiss

The episode further escalates when Hae-Na ends up at Seo-Won’s house after a dinner date. Bo-Gyeom’s unexpected visit interrupts their intimate moment, forcing Hae-Na to hide in Seo-Won’s nephew Yul’s room. The situation grows tense, but the couple manages to share a passionate kiss once the coast is clear.

Cliffhanger Ending with Flashback

The episode concludes with a cliffhanger, as Seo-Won is summoned by Bo-Gyeom to his trailer. There, Seo-Won discovers his lost keychain, a gift from Hae-Na, and faces a threatening situation with Lee Hyun-Woo’s character. A flashback reveals a past conflict involving Seo-Won, Ji-A, and Hae-Na, raising questions about Bo-Gyeom’s intentions towards Seo-Won and Hae-Na.

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