The Worst of Evil Episode 9 – Recap and Review

Episode 9 of The Worst of Evil opens with Jun-Mo reminiscing about his wedding with Eui-Jeong. His father’s disruptive behaviour mars the wedding. In the present, Jun-Mo arrives at the Union amidst a chaotic scene … Where Gi-Cheul is trying to protect Eui-Jeong from the Jaegon Group’s thugs.

A Fierce Confrontation

The episode intensifies as Jun-Mo, driven by a surge of emotion upon seeing Eui-Jeong, engages in a violent confrontation with the thugs. His white suit becomes bloodied in the brutal fight, leaving Eui-Jeong shocked at the transformation of her husband into a seemingly ruthless figure.

Aftermath and Reflection

Post-incident, Hae-Ryeon arrives and Jun-Mo’s reckless actions stun her. Jun-Mo explains he acted out of the need to protect someone. Hinting at his deep feelings for Eui-Jeong. Meanwhile, Gi-Cheul’s goons retaliate by attacking the Jaegon Group headquarters, escalating the conflict.

Eui-Jeong’s Inner Turmoil

Eui-Jeong, deeply shaken by the recent events, reflects on the stark contrast between the innocent Jun-Mo she fell in love with and the man she witnessed during the chaos. This inner conflict adds depth to her character’s journey.

Revelations and Strategic Moves

The episode also reveals that Gi-Cheul is dating Eui-Jeong, a fact that shocks Jun-Mo. As tensions rise, Jun-Mo and Gi-Cheul discuss their next moves in the drug trade, with Jun-Mo advocating for a cautious approach.

Confrontations and Alliances

Min-Goo confronts Gi-Cheul, suspecting his involvement in a crime. Meanwhile, Gi-Cheul negotiates with Kanemoto, demanding an apology and a price increase for the drugs. The episode culminates in a dramatic twist where Kanemoto is killed, revealing a secret deal between Oyama and Gi-Cheul.

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