ATEEZ announces 2024 World Tour, call out sasaengs

ATEEZ has officially announced their plans for a 2024 world tour titled TOWARDS THE LIGHT: WILL TO POWER. This announcement comes as the group continues to rise in global popularity, promising an exciting series of performances for fans around the world. The tour is set to begin with the first part on December 22, 2023, and the second part on January 5, 2024, offering a unique two-part concert experience.

Record-breaking album sales

Alongside their tour announcement, ATEEZ has achieved remarkable success with their second full album, THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL. According to Hanteo Chart, the album recorded a total of 1,707,870 copies in sales in its first week, from December 1 to 7.

This impressive feat has topped ATEEZ’s previous personal best in first-week sales and marks the group’s third million-selling album. ATEEZ’s growing sales figures reflect their increasing popularity and impact in the K-pop industry.

New song MATZ addresses sasaengs

Speaking about the album, ATEEZ members Hongjoong and Seonghwa addressed the issue of sasaengs in their new song MATZ. The song, featured on THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL calls out sasaengs who put GPS on their vehicle. They also slammed those who buy and sell idols’ numbers and addresses.

ATEEZ members Hongjoong and Seonghwa

The lyrics of MATZ deliver a strong message, urging these invasive fans to respect the personal space and privacy of the artists. This direct approach in addressing a sensitive issue within the K-pop industry has garnered attention and praise from fans. Aside from that, the song is also being praised for its banger beat and the boys’ vocal performances.

Check out the song for yourself:

ATEEZ’s rising global influence

ATEEZ continues to navigate the global music scene with their unique style and bold statements. The release of THE WORLD EP.FIN: WILL has helped solidify their position as a powerhouse in the K-pop industry.

Fans worldwide eagerly anticipate their upcoming tour and future projects. We look forward as ATEEZ continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences with their music and performances.

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