K-pop News 081223: Lee Sung-Kyung, XG, NCT 127 and more

Here’s your daily dose of K-pop News for December 8, 2023. Let’s dive into today’s headline-making stories.

Lee Sung-Kyung Unveils New Title Poster for Eat Sleep Live Repeat

K-pop News 081223: Lee Sung-Kyung

Actress and singer Lee Sung-Kyung has revealed a captivating title poster for her upcoming digital single, Eat Sleep Live Repeat. The poster, featuring Lee Sung-Kyung in a reflective pose, has piqued fans’ curiosity. Set for release on December 13 at noon KST, this marks her first musical project since her 2021 collaboration with LOCO on Love.

XG Releases Music Video for Winter Without You

K-pop News 081223: XG

XG has unveiled their music video for the English single Winter Without You. Set in a frosty winter landscape, the emotional ballad revolves around the theme of missing a loved one during winter. Alongside this release, XG has also announced their first world tour, further exciting their fans.

NCT 127’s Fun Times in Thailand

K-pop News 081223: NCT 127

NCT 127 members Taeyong, Jaehyun, Johnny, and Mark were allegedly spotted enjoying themselves at a club in Thailand. Videos of their clubbing experience went viral, showing a different, more relaxed side of the group. NCT 127 was in Thailand for a fan meeting in collaboration with Shopee, taking some time off amidst their busy schedule.

MEMI’s Debut Solo EP M3MI

MEMI, the South Korean rock sensation and former guitarist of the indie band 24HOURS, has released her first solo EP, M3MI. The EP features five tracks, including the hit Guitar Pick and the newly released NY(f)C, along with three other tracks that showcase MEMI’s diverse musical range. She will also be performing her first solo show in Seoul on December 22, capping off a successful year.

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