NEWJEANS’ Hanni Delivers a Heartfelt Cover of Once In A Moon

Hanni, a member of the popular K-pop group NEWJEANS, has recently shared her enchanting cover of Sarah Kang’s Once In A Moon. As part of NEWJEANS’ By Jeans cover series on YouTube, Hanni not only lent her vocals but also played the guitar, adding a personal touch to her rendition.

A Winter Treat for Fans

Hanni’s choice of song aligns with the winter season, offering a soothing and healing experience to listeners. “I thought long and hard about [what song to sing] because winter is already here, and I like to listen to songs according to the seasons,” Hanni shared. Her discovery of the song a few months ago led her to appreciate its chords and warm atmosphere.

Understanding the Song’s Essence

Hanni was drawn to the song after learning about its meaning from Sarah Kang herself. The phrase Once In A Moon, a play on ‘Once In A Blue Moon, resonated with Hanni, inspiring her to share this track with her fans. “As you listen to this song that suits the winter season, I hope you will find it healing too,” she expressed.

A Tribute to the Original

Staying true to the original’s essence, Hanni’s cover is a stripped-down version primarily accompanied by guitar. Her rendition of the chorus, “So I’ll think of you, once in a moon / When I hear your favourite tune / And someday after a year or two / Maybe then, I won’t be loving you,” showcases her vocal prowess and emotional depth.

Continuing the By Jeans Series

Hanni’s cover follows the contributions of her bandmates to the By Jeans series. Previously, Minji covered Stephanie Poetri’s I Love You 3000, while Hyein and Danielle chose BTS member V’s Slow Dancing and Rainy Days. Haerin performed AKMU’s Love Lee, demonstrating the diverse musical tastes within NEWJEANS.

Hanni’s cover of Once In A Moon adds a unique and heartfelt chapter to NEWJEANS’ By Jeans series, highlighting her musical versatility and the group’s commitment to connecting with fans through diverse genres and styles.


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