Fans Accuse ADOR of Mistreating NEWJEANS’ Minji

Recent discussions among fans of the popular girl group NEWJEANS have brought attention to member Minji … With allegations of unfair treatment by the group’s management, ADOR. NEWJEANS, since their debut, has been celebrated for their harmonious and balanced group dynamics, each member bringing a unique flair to their collective image. This synergy has been a cornerstone of their success, marked by trendsetting music and a fresh Y2K aesthetic.

Allegations of Bias in Member Treatment

Despite the group’s cohesive image, a faction of Minji’s fans … Particularly in China, have raised concerns about perceived disparities in the treatment of Minji compared to her bandmates. Fans have sent emails, a formal letter of demand, and even a protest truck to ADOR. They cited the recent MMA 2023 event where Minji and Hyein reportedly did not receive individual stages, unlike the other members.

Comparative Analysis of Styling and Opportunities

Supporting their claims, these fans have shared comparative images highlighting differences in hair, makeup, and wardrobe among the NEWJEANS members. They argue that Minji consistently receives less elaborate styling, often appearing with basic makeup and her signature long, straight hair.

At the same time, her peers frequently experiment with vibrant makeup and varied hairstyles. Additionally, there’s a notion that members like Haerin and Hanni receive preferential treatment in terms of singing roles and visibility in music videos and photoshoots.

The Counterargument

However, this perspective is not universally shared. Many argue that Minji’s treatment by ADOR is not indicative of mistreatment. Pointing to her collaborations with prestigious brands like Chanel and multiple magazine cover appearances, they suggest that Minji’s consistent styling choices, such as her long, black hair, might be a personal preference that complements her visual appeal.

The debate continues, with fans advocating for equal opportunities and representation for all NEWJEANS members. While the concerns of Minji’s fans are noted, it’s also important to recognize her achievements and the possibility of personal choice in her styling and presentation.


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