NEWJEANS Face a Challenging Battle in the 2023 Asia Artist Awards

NEWJEANS is set to feature at the highly anticipated 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) in the South Korean entertainment industry. This event, celebrated for recognizing excellence in music, television, and film across Asia has garnered significant attention. Especially, following NEWJEANS’ remarkable success at the 2023 MAMA and MMA, where they secured multiple Daesang awards.

The Significance and Scale of the Asia Artist Awards

This year, the Philippines will host the prestigious Asia Artist Awards (AAA), marking a significant milestone for the country. The event, featuring a lineup of talented artists, is set for December 14th, 2023, at the Philippine Arena in Bulacan. The venue, the world’s largest indoor stadium according to Guinness World Records, seats 55,000 and promises a spectacular event.

Voting Process and Criteria

One of the distinctive features of the AAA is its reliance on fan votes for most award categories, with additional criteria remaining undisclosed. This global voting process, involving participants from Asia, Europe, South America, and North America, adds an intriguing layer of unpredictability to the awards. The first voting phase concluded on November 9, followed by a second phase for selecting the Favorite Male/Female Actor and Singer, which ran until November 30.

NEWJEANS’ Uncertain Path to Victory at the 2023 AAA

Despite their recent accolades, NEWJEANS faces a challenging path at the 2023 AAA. Their performance in the initial voting round was not as strong as expected, raising doubts about their chances of securing awards at this prestigious event. In contrast, Japanese girl groups Sakurazaka46 and NiziU have emerged as frontrunners, leading the polls with significant vote shares.

The Final Verdict and the Road Ahead

The final voting round will determine the winners for each category. The award ceremony on December 14th will announce the results.

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