ATTRAKT CEO’s Controversial Social Media Activity Leaked

ATTRAKT, an emerging entertainment industry player, faces multiple controversies threatening its reputation. The company, famed for launching girl group FIFTY FIFTY and their hit Cupid … Is now embroiled in serious allegations against CEO Jeon Hong-Jun.

These accusations, stemming from his social media activities, have cast a shadow over the company’s future.

The troubles for ATTRAKT began with a legal dispute initiated by FIFTY FIFTY. On June 19, the group sought to suspend their exclusive contracts with ATTRAKT, citing issues such as contractual breaches, financial opacity, and medical neglect.

This legal battle further escalated with allegations against Warner Music Korea and Ahn Sung-Il for contract violations, prompting ATTRAKT to respond with criminal charges. This dispute has heavily affected the group’s schedule, resulting in cancelled promotions and appearances, such as KCON LA 2023.

Group Reorganization Amidst Controversy

During this turmoil, Keena from FIFTY FIFTY renewed her contract, while the other three members’ contracts were terminated. ATTRAKT announced a plan to restructure the group with Keena and new members, signalling a new chapter for FIFTY FIFTY.

CEO’s Disturbing Social Media Allegations

The latest and perhaps most alarming controversy surrounds Jeon Hong-Jun’s alleged social media behaviour. Fans, known as Hunnies, have accused the CEO of following accounts that posted explicit pornographic content and graphic animal gore.

These allegations emerged after fans meticulously examined his social media activity, leading to him unfollowing these accounts. Among the contentious follows were accounts featuring explicit material and an OnlyFans model who had just turned 18. This revelation has raised significant concerns about the CEO’s interests and the implications for the artists under his leadership.

Fan Reactions and Company Image

Jeon Hong-Jun’s engagement with explicit and violent animal gore content has greatly disturbed the fanbase. This scandal has not only damaged the reputation of Jeon Hong-Jun but also that of ATTRAKT, with fans expressing concern for the safety and well-being of the FIFTY FIFTY members. As the company navigates its legal challenges and attempts to rebuild its premier group, these allegations continue to cast a long shadow.

As ATTRAKT faces these tumultuous times, the focus remains on how the company will address these serious allegations and move forward. The situation underscores the importance of responsible social media use by public figures and its impact on their professional and personal reputations.

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