BTS’s V Embraces Military Enlistment with Bold Buzzcut

BTS’ V recently revealed a bold new look, a buzzcut, as he prepares to join the military. He will enlist alongside his bandmates RM, Jimin, and Jungkook in December.

V’s Transformation for Enlistment

In line with South Korean military service traditions, V has opted for a buzzcut … A change from his typically styled hair. This change was debuted on Instagram, where he shared a series of photos, each capturing the essence of his new look. The post, captioned “D-1,” signifies the countdown to his enlistment date, set alongside RM on December 11.

Fashion Icon in New Avatar

Despite the drastic change, V’s charm remains undiminished. In the shared photos, he sports an orange leather jacket, a blue neck scarf, and stylish shades, maintaining his status as a fashion icon. The Instagram post showcases three distinct images, each offering a glimpse into V’s personal and creative world.

Personal Touch and Fan Reactions

One photo reveals V’s long-held desire to try the “shaved hair with shade” look, now realized as he embarks on this new chapter. Another image shows him holding a cake, symbolizing a celebration of his journey with BTS. The final picture playfully features V with a ribbon around his head, a whimsical nod to his gift-like presence for fans.

The buzzcut reveal has sparked a wave of reactions on Twitter, with ARMYs expressing both surprise and admiration. Fans, adjusting to V’s impending absence, remain steadfast in their support for his commitment to national duties. V’s buzzcut symbolizes a fresh start and readiness for upcoming responsibilities as he enters a new life phase.

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