My Demon Episode 6 Recap and Review

* This review contains spoilers for Episode 6 of My Demon

My Demon is a captivating fantasy romantic-comedy series revolving around a demon, Jung Gu-Won, who unexpectedly loses his powers. In a twist of fate, he becomes entangled with Do Do-Hee, the spirited and assertive heir to the Mirei Group. Gu-Won must form a marriage contract with Do-Hee, as she becomes the key to regaining his abilities. Their relationship soon evolves from a contractual agreement to a hellish romantic entanglement.

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Episode 6: Into the Wheel of Fortune

My Demon Episode 6 opens with a dramatic rescue, as Gu-Won (Song Kang) saves Do-Hee (Kim Yoo-Jung) from the assassin. Gu-Won uses his powers to teleport them to safety. Seok-Hoon (Lee Sang-Yi) also arrives on the scene, and is devastated to see Do-Hee embrace Gu-Won in gratitude.

Later, they try to figure out the assassin’s motives for attacking her. Gu-Won realizes that the man must be using disguises to hide his face. The rivalry between Gu-Won and Seok-Hoon also intensifies, as they both want to protect Do-Hee.

Do-Hee tells Seok-Hoon that she is afraid that the assassin could target her any time. To her surprise, Seok-Hoon proposes marriage, to keep her safe. Not to be outdone, Gu-Won proposes as well. Do-Hee is stunned, and asks for time to consider her decision.

Jealousy and symbolism

The next day, both Do-Hee and Gu-Won are at work as usual. Bok-Gyu (Heo Jeong-Do) shows up to cheer Gu-Won up. Gu-Won tells him about his proposal to Do-Hee, and a shocked Bok-Gyu warns him that Ga-Young (Jo Hye-Joo) will be upset.

Meanwhile, Do-Hee gets one of her office girls to give her a tarot reading. She draws the Wheel of Fortune card, which symbolizes a reunion, as well as ‘the end and a new beginning’. Later, Seok-Hoon visits her with a flower pot, causing Gu-Won’s jealousy to increase.

Seok-Hoon confesses that he has romantic feelings for her, but Do-Hee says she has always considered him family. Later, Gu-Won and Seok-Hoon have another confrontation about Do-Hee. Seok-Hoon reminds Gu-Won that he is just a bodyguard and that he shouldn’t cross the line.

A marriage is announced

Later, Do-Hee tells Gu-Won that she is unsure about accepting Seok-Hoon’s proposal. She asks Gu-Won why he proposed to her, after rejecting her previously. He acts annoyed, but then replies: “Just because”, revealing his own complicated feelings.

We then cut to a ground-breaking ceremony for a Mirae Group project. Seok-Min (Kim Tae-Hoon) and the rest of the family are there to officiate it. Do-Hee and Gu-Won suddenly show up on the scene, surprising everyone.

Do-Kyung (Kang Seung-Ho) asks why she is here, as she usually avoids ‘superficial’ events like this. Do-Hee replies that superficial actions can go a long way. She then shocks the family by announcing that she is getting married the next day. However, her moment of triumph is marred when she notices her assassin is also at the event, even though he gets away.

The wedding

The next day, Do-Hee prepares for her wedding, which is planned to the standards of the late Madam Ju (Kim Hae-Sook). Do-Hee then imagines a conversation with Madam Ju, showing how much she misses having her in her life. She asks Madam Ju where she went, and is told that she will always be in Do-Hee’s memory.

Do-Hee then heads for her marriage ceremony, with the entire family invited as guests. She walks down the aisle, and we see Gu-Won waiting for her. We learn that they have agreed to a marriage of convenience, and have signed contracts to respect each other’s boundaries.

However, not everyone is happy for them. Do-Hee notices Do-Kyung giving her a manical grin, while the rest of the family is upset that she is now closer to her inheritance. We also learn that Seok-Min is preparing something to take her down. Ga-Young is also enraged by Gu-Won’s sudden marriage.

Going on the hunt

Gu-Won moves into Do-Hee’s apartment in order to protect her from the assassin. She immediately used his magic to help clean her home, and to find her missing clothes. They sleep in separate rooms, but can’t stop thinking of each other.

Later, they discuss finding the assassin and Do-Hee suggests looking into Do-Kyung, due to his recent suspicious behavior. She suggests that they follow him and she uses his magic to teleport them to the restroom of Do-Kyung’s martial arts gym.

Do-Kyung enters the restroom, and they overhear him mutter something about ‘killing someone’. They continue to trail him, believing that he is meeting the culprit. Eventually they find him in the subway, where he checks a coin locker, which turns out to be empty.

Do-Kyung notices them watching him from a photobooth and approaches it to check. Gu-Won tries to use his magic, but it seems to have run out. In desperation, he kisses her as a distraction, just as the episode ends.

What we thought of the episode

Episode 6 of My Demon finally shows a major turning point in Gu-Won and Do-Hee’s relationship. Their much-awaited wedding was brief, but it finally allows them to spend time together and develop their feelings. We also saw the establishment of the love triangle between Do-Hee, Gu-Won, and Seok-Hoon.

Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung delivered great performances this episode. Aside from each interaction between Gu-Won and Do-Hee, our favorite scene was the heartwarming conversation between Do-Hee and Madam Ju. Both Kim Yoo-Jung and Kim Hae-Sook did an excellent job portraying the close relationship between the characters, as well as Do-Hee’s bittersweet feelings surrounding her wedding day.

We also got hints of storylines for future episodes. It appears that Gu-Won’s past life as a human will be explored in more detail. Not only that, Seok-Hoon has begun investigating him and the Sunwol Foundation, which could mean that his secret identity as a demon might be revealed. We can’t wait to see what happens next!

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