K-pop News 111223: BTS, RIIZE, G-Dragon and more

Welcome to the K-pop News Roundup for December 11, 2023! Get ready to dive into the latest happenings in the world of K-pop. From emotional enlistments to fashion milestones and thrilling tour conclusions, we’ve got all the buzz-worthy updates from your favourite stars. Let’s jump right into the heart of Korean pop culture!

BTS Members Unite as V and RM Begin Military Service

K-Pop News 111223: BTS

In a show of solidarity, all BTS members reunited in Nonsan to support V and RM as they commenced their military service at the Nonsan Army Recruit Training Center. The group’s presence marked a significant moment, with V applying for a special mission unit and Jimin and Jungkook set to enlist the following day. Jin is expected to be discharged in June next year, with J-hope and Suga completing their service in October and June 2025, respectively.

RIIZE Becomes Louis Vuitton’s New House Ambassador

K-Pop News 111223: RIIZE

K-pop sensation RIIZE has been named the new house ambassador for Louis Vuitton. This announcement by SM Entertainment highlights RIIZE’s unique style and global appeal, especially following their successful debut three months ago with the album Get A Guitar. Louis Vuitton praised RIIZE’s distinctive presence in the global music and fashion scenes.

Investigations into Lee Sun-Kyun and G-Dragon’s Drug Cases Progress

The police are advancing their investigations into actor Lee Sun-Kyun and singer G-Dragon’s drug use allegations. While Lee Sun-Kyun faces additional summons, G-Dragon’s case is nearing its conclusion, with both receiving negative results in drug tests. Investigators expect to promptly conclude the investigations that began following intelligence about drug circulation in Gangnam.

iKON Concludes 2023 World Tour

K-Pop News 111223: IKON

iKON successfully wrapped up their 2023 iKON WORLD TOUR TAKE OFF with a final performance in Macau. The 7-month tour spanned 16 cities, showcasing the group’s growing artistry and strong connection with their fans, iKONICs. 2023 has been a year of new ventures for iKON, including joining a new agency and various solo activities.


APINK has brightened the holiday season with the release of their winter special album and the music video for PINK CHRISTMAS. The song, featuring the group’s harmonious vocals and cosy charm, adds to their reputation as a Music Powerhouse and National Girl Group. The release has garnered significant attention, continuing APINK’s legacy of hit songs.

And that wraps up our K-pop News Roundup for December 11, 2023! From BTS’s heartfelt enlistment to RIIZE’s fashion-forward strides and iKON’s triumphant tour finale … It’s been an eventful day in the K-Pop universe.

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