Jungkook Says Farewell on Weverse Live Before Enlistment

BTS’s youngest member, Jungkook, recently hosted an emotional Weverse Live session, marking his last interaction with fans before his mandatory military enlistment. This year, Jungkook has connected deeply with ARMY through numerous live broadcasts, sharing various personal moments from karaoke to cooking. His final live session, however, was a poignant farewell, filled with unspoken emotions and heartfelt gratitude.

Jungkook’s Final Moments with ARMY

On December 11, following the enlistment of fellow members RM and V, Jungkook turned to Weverse Live for a final conversation with ARMY. He shared details of his day, which included quality time with BTS members and preparations for his upcoming enlistment. Despite a busy schedule, Jungkook made sure to connect with fans, even as he juggled last-minute tasks like laundry.

ARMYs couldn’t help but notice Jungkook’s effort to hold back tears during the broadcast. His emotional state was evident, with some fans observing redness in his eyes, suggesting he might have cried earlier. The live session, lasting less than eight minutes, was a bittersweet moment for both Jungkook and his fans.

Charlie Puth’s Tribute to Jungkook

The bond between Jungkook and American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth has been a highlight for fans. Their friendship blossomed following collaborations on hits like “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and “Left and Right.” Puth recently expressed his gratitude and admiration for Jungkook on X (formerly Twitter), reflecting on their musical journey and looking forward to future collaborations post-enlistment.

Jimin’s Response to ARMY’s Respectful Behavior

In the wake of RM and V’s enlistment, Jimin addressed the ARMY’s commendable behaviour. He expressed gratitude towards fans for respecting their request to maintain privacy and not gather at the enlistment site. This respectful gesture by ARMY was a testament to the deep bond and mutual respect between BTS and their fans.

As Jungkook steps into a new chapter with his military service, the moments shared on Weverse Live remain a testament to the unbreakable bond between BTS and ARMY. The respect and love shared by the members and their fans continue to resonate, echoing Jimin’s words of gratitude and hope for continued support and understanding. Good Luck BTS … see you in 2025!

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