Ricky of ZEROBASEONE to Miss 2023 Asia Artist Awards

In a disappointing turn of events for ZEROBASEONE fans, known as ZEROSES, the group’s member Ricky will not be attending the much-anticipated 2023 Asia Artist Awards (AAA) in the Philippines. Fans criticize WAKEONE Entertainment for Ricky’s absence at the Asia Artist Awards due to unresolved passport and visa issues.

Announcement of Ricky’s Absence

WAKEONE Entertainment recently released a statement explaining the unforeseen complications with Ricky’s passport and visa. This led to his inability to travel for the AAA. The statement expressed regret over the situation and apologized to fans for the inconvenience. WAKEONE assured that the performance on December 14 would proceed with the remaining eight members.

Fan Reactions and Criticism

The news has been met with frustration and disappointment from ZEROSES. Fans have criticized WAKEONE Entertainment for what they perceive as negligence in handling Ricky’s travel arrangements. Fans contend that WAKEONE Entertainment had sufficient time to address passport and visa issues before the long-scheduled AAA.

This sentiment intensifies due to a previous incident where Ricky encountered similar travel complications. Fans question the company’s competence in managing the artists’ schedules and travel needs.

Previous Incidents and Concerns

This is not the first instance of Ricky encountering travel issues. In June, similar passport and visa problems reportedly left him behind at the airport.

These repeated incidents have raised concerns among ZEROSES about the potential mistreatment of Ricky within the group and the company’s overall management.

The absence of Ricky from the 2023 Asia Artist Awards has highlighted ongoing issues within WAKEONE Entertainment’s management, particularly concerning travel arrangements for their artists.

As ZEROBASEONE prepares for their performance with eight members, fans continue to voice their support for Ricky and call for better management practices to prevent such occurrences in the future.

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