SEVENTEEN Joshua’s alleged girlfriend faces hate over pregnancy rumours

SEVENTEEN’s Joshua is at the centre of recent rumours and speculations in the K-pop world. His rumoured girlfriend, model Cho Mi-Young … A barrage of hate comments followed her social media post that fueled pregnancy rumours.

The Onset of Rumours

In early August 2023, the internet buzzed with rumours linking Joshua to Cho Mi-Young. They cited various “evidence” like matching outfits and her presence at one of SEVENTEEN’s concerts. This led to a mixed reaction from fans, with some demanding Joshua’s exit from the group and others defending him.

Dating allegations arose from photos showing the two wearing seemingly identical clothes.

The Controversial Social Media Post

The situation escalated when Cho Mi-Young shared a clip on Instagram, showing a piece of paper in her car’s windshield resembling a “pregnancy badge” – a symbol for expectant mothers in public spaces. Comments flooded her social media, questioning the authenticity of the pregnancy claim. Netizens also criticized her alleged relationship with Joshua. It’s important to note that all of this is based on conjecture and speculation by netizens. Cho Mi-Young has never claimed to be pregnant.

Netizens’ Reactions and Defense

While some netizens indulged in spreading the rumours, others came to Cho Mi Young’s defence. Korean netizens, in particular, criticized the one-sided attack on her, arguing that if there was any truth to the rumours, Joshua should also be held accountable. They urged those involved to stop harassing her and respect her privacy.

Fact-Checking the Pregnancy Rumors

Amidst the chaos, a closer examination of the evidence presented by netizens suggests that the pregnancy rumours might be baseless. For instance, Cho Mi-Young’s story featuring TUMS, a common medicine for heartburn and acid indigestion, was misconstrued as a sign of pregnancy. However, TUMS is widely used globally and is not exclusively associated with pregnancy.

The situation surrounding SEVENTEEN’s Joshua and Cho Mi-Young highlights the intense scrutiny and pressure faced by K-pop idols and those associated with them.

While the truth behind the rumours remains known only to Joshua and Cho Mi-Young, the incident serves as a reminder of the impact of unfounded speculations and the importance of respecting individuals’ privacy in the highly interconnected world of K-pop.

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