(G)I-DLE’s Minnie exits Jingle Ball tour show due to health issues

Fans at (G)I-DLE’s final stop on their iHeartRadio Jingle Ball Tour were left concerned after member Minnie had to leave the stage mid-performance. The group was in Philadelphia on December 12 to wrap up the tour, which had taken them across seven major cities since December 2.

According to online posts by fans, Minnie was performing with the rest of (G)I-DLE for their first three songs. However, she suddenly went backstage, and was absent from the rest of the performance.

Statement from (G)I-DLE’s agency

Following the show, Cube Entertainment released a statement on Weverse explaining the situation. The statement read in part: “Minnie left the stage abruptly due to a sudden health issue and couldn’t complete some parts of the performance.

“Minnie showed a strong determination to be with the fans until the end, but we took immediate measures to ensure that the artist could have enough rest for their health. We apologize for causing concern to the fans, and we will guide you again on the operation and adjustments of the upcoming schedule, prioritizing the artist’s health.”

Minnie will next prepare for a special collaboration performance for the 2023 Music Bank Global Festival. The performance, which airs on December 15, features Minnie and her (G)I-DLE group mate Yuqi, as well as IVE members Liz and Leeseo.

Fans concerned over group’s schedule


Fans have taken to social media to voice their concern for Minnie’s health. Many claim that this was a result of (G)I-DLE’s packed schedule. Among the comments seen online:

  • “I was at the Jingle Ball Concert in Philly last night and saw Minnie leave the stage. I knew something was wrong. She hasn’t been well since they all landed in the States. They’re so overworked and I can’t imagine tired and drained they are.”
  • “They need to give these girls a break. They have been flying from continent to continent. Completely jetlagged, then thrown into performances, then back on planes. This is mad work, that’s not good for a body.”
  • “Mind flashed back to the several Insta posts of popular female idols taking photos of their ‘pick me up’ IV drips during promotions.”
  • “At this point, I think the comeback should be pushed back. They’ve been having performances back to back, especially Minnie. Maybe they feel like keeping up with their current momentum but their health comes first.”

Minnie’s sudden departure from the stage raised concerns among fans, but the agency’s prompt response and commitment to her health have been reassuring. Fans are now hoping for Minnie’s quick recovery and looking forward to seeing her back on stage soon.

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