(G)I-DLE’s Minnie and Shuhua take a break due to health concerns

(G)I-DLE members Minnie and Shuhua have announced a temporary hiatus from group activities to focus on their health, as confirmed by Cube Entertainment. This includes a planned appearance at the 2023 Music Bank Global Festival which takes place today.

This decision comes after a series of health-related incidents involving the two members.

Minnie’s earlier health issues

Minnie’s health concerns first became apparent during (G)I-DLE’s appearance at the Jingle Ball concert in Philadelphia. During the December 12 performance, the group’s final stop on the tour, Minne left the stage early due to a sudden worsening of her health.

Following this incident, Cube Entertainment announced that Minnie would be halting all activities based on medical advice. This decision was made after Minnie visited the hospital due to persistently poor health conditions.

Shuhua’s recent diagnosis

Later, fellow (G)I-DLE member Shuhua’s health also became a concern. It was reported that early this morning, Shuhua developed a mild fever and cold symptoms. After a visit to the emergency room, she was diagnosed with Influenza type A.

This new development prompted Cube Entertainment to cancel (G)I-DLE’s entire group pre-recording for the 2023 Music Bank Global Festival.

Cube Entertainment’s statements


Cube Entertainment released two statements about the members’ health concerns. Regarding Minnie, Cube Entertainment said she “will not be participating in the unit and group performances at KBS2’s 2023 Music Bank Global Festival … and her return to activities will depend on the artist’s condition and recovery.”

Minnie was scheduled for a special collaboration performance at the 2023 Music Bank Global Festival. This would have seen her perform alongside (G)I-DLE group mate Yuqi, as well as IVE members Liz and Leeseo. Cube confirmed that Miyeon will replace Minnie for the performance.

Cube Entertainment emphasized the importance of the artists’ health and safety. They apologized to the fans for the sudden news and assured that they would focus on helping the artists recover. They added the “return of Minnie and Shuhua to group activities will depend on their condition and recovery”.

Fan reactions and concerns

Fans have expressed concern over the members’ health, especially considering (G)I-DLE’s recent busy schedule. The news of Minnie and Shuhua’s break has brought attention to the demanding nature of idol schedules and the need for proper rest and recovery.

Among the comments seen online:

  • “One by one dropping out due with health issues. At this point, I think Cube should just put all schedules for them on hold.”
  • “They are so burned out, first Minnie now Shuhua. Their immune system is weakening, and that’s one of the symptoms of overwork. Good, they canceled for the whole group.”
  • “Honestly, I am usually not the type to always blame the company for everything but the scheduling after MAMA was just insane especially considering that adjusting to the time difference can mess you up for a while.”
  • “I feel sorry and bad for the girls, because its the time of the year to celebrate even more in big stages with the fans. I wish Minnie and Shuhua a good recovery and take [their] time to [get] back 100%.”

As Minnie and Shuhua take time off to recuperate, fans and the K-pop community alike are sending their best wishes for a speedy and full recovery. The health and well-being of the artists remain a top priority for Cube Entertainment and the fans.

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