Jungkook and Usher drop Standing Next to You (Usher Remix) MV

The much-anticipated performance video for Standing Next to You (Usher Remix), featuring BTS’s Jungkook and Usher, has finally been released. This event sent waves of excitement across the music world. This collaboration is a significant milestone, blending the unique styles and talents of both artists in a mesmerizing display.

Jungkook’s Electrifying Performance

Jungkook, the Golden maknae of BTS … Opens the performance with his signature suave moves, accompanied by a crew of dancers in classy suits. Jungkook’s smooth choreography and charismatic stage presence set the tone for the high-energy performance.

Usher’s Sassy Entrance

Usher, the Grammy-winning artist, makes a daring entrance midway through the video, adding his sassy flair to the performance. His duet with Jungkook captivates viewers, blending Usher’s iconic dance moves with Jungkook’s modern style.

A Fruitful Year for Jungkook

2023 has been a landmark year for Jungkook, highlighted by the release of his solo album Golden on November 3, which received widespread critical acclaim. The album’s success was bolstered by the hit collaboration Seven with American rapper Latto, topping the US Billboard Hot 100 and charting in the top 10 globally. Additionally, Jungkook’s single 3D featuring Jack Harlow, released on September 29, further cemented his status as a solo artist.

Usher’s Viral Tease and Remix Release

Usher set the internet abuzz when he teased a new photo with Jungkook, sparking speculation about a music video for the remix of Standing Next to You. Released on December 1, the remix showcases Usher’s smooth vocals, adding a fresh twist to the original track and elevating it to new heights.

Their collaboration bridges genres and cultures and highlights the power of music in bringing artists and fans together. Click the link below to watch this dynamic duo in action:


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