Suzy Dazzles in Hanbok for ELLE’s Korean Hanbok Wave Fashion Project

For the first time since 1992, ELLE Magazine features a Hanbok photo shoot on its cover in an exciting move. Suzy, the ambassador of the 2023 Hanbok Wave project, adorns the January 2024 cover … She modelled a series of exquisite Hanbok designs that blend traditional beauty with modern flair.

Suzy’s Hanbok Pictorial

Suzy wore six unique hanbok outfits for the cover pictorial, each a joint creation between innovative designers and the Korea Craft & Design Foundation. The idol-actress said her deepened connection to the hanbok’s beauty and essence through this experience, hoping to introduce the splendour of hanbok to a global audience.

Insights into Suzy’s Career and Passions

In her interview with ELLE, Suzy shared insights into her motivations across various disciplines, including music and acting. Suzy also revealed her involvement in editing her YouTube Vlog, aiming to create a more personal connection with her fans.

The Korean Hanbok Wave Project 2023

Suzy’s hanbok pictorial is a key part of the Korean Hanbok Wave Project 2023, an initiative by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism in collaboration with the Korea Crafts and Design Culture Promotion Agency. The project features hanboks inspired by Suzy, created by six brands including Song Hwa-bai-jung, Our, and Tsai Kim. Suzy’s hanbok photoshoot video will highlight the project’s global reach, including an artistic showcase on New York’s Times Square billboard.

Bae Suzy’s Upcoming Drama

After her role in the drama Doona! … Suzy is set to star in a new romantic comedy titled All Your Wishes Come True. Fans are particularly excited about her reunion with Kim Woo-Bin, following their previous collaboration in Uncontrollably Fond.

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