Netizens see RED over RED VELVET’s Joy’s Styling

Joy, the tallest member of the popular K-pop group RED VELVET, is renowned for her stunning appearance and impressive height of 168 cm (5’6″). Her long legs are a defining feature, often accentuated by well-fitted attire that showcases her enviable proportions. However, some of her outfit choices, while stylish, haven’t always suited her comfort or body type.

Styling Mishap at Lazada Festival Concert

The issue came to the forefront once again during a recent performance. On December 13, Red Velvet, along with SHINee’s Key, graced the stage at the Lazada Festival Concert in Indonesia. The group opted for a coordinated ballerina-core aesthetic, with Joy donning a charming pink dress as they interacted with fans.

Joy’s Wardrobe Challenge Onstage

As RED VELVET commenced their performance, it became apparent that Joy’s dress was impractically short for the occasion. Throughout the performance, her dress repeatedly rode up, revealing her safety shorts and causing visible discomfort. Despite Joy’s attempts to adjust her dress, it continued to pose a problem, undermining her ability to perform with ease.

Fans React to Joy’s Outfit Choice

Joy’s stunning beauty in the dress shone through in her Instagram photos … Which cleverly focused on the upper part of the outfit. Fans, however, quickly expressed concerns about the stylist’s choice of a very short outfit for Joy’s performance. The incident sparked a discussion among fans about the importance of functional and comfortable attire for idols, especially when they are on stage.

The Call for Comfortable and Stylish Wardrobe

The incident has led to a growing call from fans for RED VELVET’s stylist to strike a balance between beauty and practicality in outfit choices. Fans emphasize the need for performance attire that is not only visually stunning but also allows the idols to perform comfortably and confidently.

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