Fantasy Boys’ Kim Gyurae in Spotlight Over Alleged Romance

A Japanese fan’s online post about Fantasy Boys’ Kim Gyurae, 14, has sparked significant controversy. The fan alleges an illegal and unethical relationship between Gyurae and his 22-year-old stylist, known only as “Stylist S.”

Accusations Emerge from a Fan’s Observation

The anonymous fan claims to have observed Gyurae and the stylist engaging in intimate behaviour … Such as hand-holding, while exiting a salon that Gyurae is known to visit. This observation led the fan to further investigate. The fan reportedly accessed Gyurae and the stylist’s private Instagram accounts through a hacker.

A fan posted on Twitter has put Fantasy Boys' Kim Gyurae in the Spotlight Over Alleged Romance

After seeing him for the first time in April of this year, I started visiting Korea from Japan to support him at every shoot. And I was in Korea often to see him at music shows, too. Please help me get the word out. I have a friend who works at the hair salon that Fantasy Boys frequent. And I went there to get my makeup done by my friend. There, I saw him in front of the salon, holding hands with his hairstylist. He’s 15 (according to Korean age), which left me shocked

How can a middle schooler idol be in a relationship with his hairstylist? It’s like something out of a novel. And I was so sad and disappointed to have seen it with my own eyes. So, I asked my friend to share the private IG handles that the hairstylist and the idol used. And I asked one of the best hackers in Japan to access the account. He does not care for his fans. I’m going to let the truth be told to his fans who genuinely love and support him. Leave the group, Kim Gyurae!

Uncovered Interactions Raise Questions

According to the fan’s allegations, the private social media accounts contained messages, photographs, and videos that suggest a personal relationship between Gyurae and his stylist. These materials reportedly include voice notes exchanged between the two, captured during fan events and personal interactions with Gyurae.

Fan’s Disappointment and Criticism

The fan expressed deep disappointment in Gyurae, accusing him of neglecting his fans and betraying their trust. They criticized Gyurae for his alleged indifference towards his fan base and suggested that he should leave Fantasy Boys as a consequence of his actions.

Aftermath of the Allegations

The fan alleges that, in a twist to the unfolding drama, Gyurae and the stylist have deleted their private Instagram accounts following the accusations. As of now, Gyurae, who rose to fame after finishing as a runner-up on a survival show and subsequently debuting with Fantasy Boys, has not publicly addressed these claims.

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