Rowoon’s SF9 performance sparks controversy

The recent FNC Kingdom concert in Japan featured a surprising and controversial moment when Rowoon, a former member of SF9, joined the group on stage for a performance. This unexpected reunion has ignited a heated debate among fans and the wider K-pop community.

Rowoon’s departure from SF9

Rowoon, who left SF9 in September to focus on his acting career, remained under the umbrella of FNC Entertainment. His decision to leave the group was met with support from both the members and the fans, as it was seen as a step towards pursuing his personal aspirations.

However, his return to perform alongside member Inseong has raised eyebrows. It also sparked discussions about whether he should have participated in the group’s activities so soon after his official departure.

Mixed reactions from fans

The performance has elicited mixed reactions from the fandom, leaving many feeling confused and uncomfortable. Fans questioned the decision by FNC Entertainment to include a former member in a current group’s performance. They felt that it blurred the lines of his departure and could potentially overshadow the current members’ efforts.

Rowoon and Inseong onstage in Japan
A screenshot from a video shot by a fan at the concert (@solemiomiomio/X)

On the other hand, there were fans who welcomed the reunion, viewing it as a positive display of the ongoing friendship between Rowoon and the SF9 members. They pointed out that Rowoon was still an FNC Entertainment artist. His latest drama The Matchmakers also features other SF9 members, and is produced by an FNC subsidiary.

The debate over FNC’s decision

The core of the debate revolves around FNC Entertainment’s decision to allow Rowoon to perform with SF9 at the concert. Some fans criticized the label for not considering the feelings of the fandom, particularly those who were still adjusting to Rowoon’s departure.

Others defended the label, citing the unique circumstances surrounding Rowoon’s ongoing projects with FNC and his close relationship with the SF9 members.

Looking ahead

As the discussions continue, the incident highlights the complexities of idol group dynamics, especially when members transition to different career paths while maintaining ties with their agencies and former groups.

It also underscores the diverse perspectives within fandoms, where emotional attachments and expectations can vary widely.

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