Security for BOYNEXTDOOR Slams Fan to the Ground at Airport

On December 18, 2023, a user on X (formerly Twitter) uploaded two videos that have since ignited a heated debate online. The videos showcase an incident involving the security guard of the popular music group BOYNEXTDOOR at Qingdao Airport.

The Controversial Encounter Captured on Video

In the first video, viewers can see the security guard pushing a fan, believed to be a Saesang … An obsessive fan who acts in ways that invade the privacy of Korean idols, as she attempts to photograph the idols. This action has sparked a divide among netizens, with some arguing the necessity of maintaining a safe distance for the idols’ protection, while others express concern over the potential injuries the fan might have sustained.

Concerns Over Fan Safety

The scene at the airport quickly escalated, as shown in the second video. Amidst the chaos, BOYNEXTDOOR members Jaehyun and Taesan were seen falling to the ground due to the aggressive crowd of Saesangs and fans. Despite the fan holding an expensive camera being pushed to the ground, no immediate assistance was offered to her by the surrounding people.

Security Measures in Question

Following the incident, the security team swiftly formed a protective circle around the BOYNEXTDOOR members to shield them from the overzealous crowd. This move, while aimed at ensuring the safety of the idols, has led to a split opinion among netizens. Some support the security guard’s actions, citing the often-overlooked need for personal space and safety for celebrities. In contrast, others argue that the force used was excessive and could have resulted in serious harm.

Fans Call for Improved Safety Protocols

The incident has reignited discussions about the safety of both idols and fans in public spaces. Loyal followers of BOYNEXTDOOR have repeatedly emphasized the importance of the group’s safety and are now urging the security team to devise more effective and less confrontational methods to manage such situations in the future.

A Divided Internet Reacts

As the videos gain traction online, the internet remains divided. The debate continues over the fine line between ensuring the safety of public figures and respecting the rights and well-being of fans.

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