ATTRAKT Sues Former FIFTY FIFTY members for Billions

ATTRAKT, the label behind FIFTY FIFTY, has launched a legal action against three former group members. The lawsuit, filed on December 19, extends beyond the artists, implicating their parents and The Givers’ Ahn Sung-Il.

The Multi-Billion KRW Lawsuit

ATTRAKT’s lawsuit targets former FIFTY FIFTY members Saena, Sio, and Aran, accusing them of unlawfully terminating their contracts. The label’s legal action also involves The Givers, specifically Ahn Sung-Il, and the parents of the former members, alleging conspiracy in the contract breach.

“We have taken legal steps against ex-FIFTY FIFTY members Saena, Sio, and Aran for contract termination violations, as well as The Givers, Ahn Sung-Il, Mr. Baek, and the parents of these artists for their alleged involvement,” stated a representative from ATTRAKT.

The Staggering Amount in Question

The lawsuit’s financial stakes are extraordinarily high, with ATTRAKT seeking damages in the hundreds of billions of KRW. Korean news outlet Newsis has reported that the label demands approximately KRW 130 billion (around US $99.7 million). ATTRAKT hinted that this figure might increase as the legal proceedings progress.

“The damages we’re pursuing are in the hundreds of billions of KRW, but this amount could escalate as the lawsuit continues,” an ATTRAKT spokesperson commented.

The Entertainment Industry Awaits Further Developments

This legal confrontation has sent ripples through the entertainment industry, with many awaiting further updates on this high-profile case. The lawsuit against ex-FIFTY FIFTY members and their associates underscores the complexities and potential disputes in entertainment contracts.

As the case unfolds, the industry and fans alike are keenly observing the developments, anticipating the outcome of this substantial legal battle. Stay tuned for more updates on this evolving story.

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