BOYNEXTDOOR’s Agency Issues Statement over Airport Violence

KOZ Entertainment (A subsidiary of HYBE) has found itself at the centre of a heated debate. This follows a recent incident involving the security team of the popular music group BOYNEXTDOOR. The controversy, which has been widely reported in the news, escalated after a video of a security guard forcefully handling a fan at Qingdao Airport went viral.

Label’s Response to Viral Security Incident

In response to the growing criticism, KOZ Entertainment stated on December 19, addressing the actions of the BOYNEXTDOOR security member. “We extend our sincerest apologies to the fans for the inappropriate conduct of a BOYNEXTDOOR security team member at Qingdao Airport,” the label stated.

Apology and Action Taken by the Label

KOZ Entertainment has apologized to the impacted fan. The agency will also no longer use the involved security guard at future artist events. “We have directly reached out to the fan involved with an apology and have taken steps to ensure the security guard in question will not be part of future events. Our focus is now on revising our security guidelines to prevent such incidents,” the label elaborated.

Public Reaction to the Label’s Statement

Despite the label’s apology and actions, the response from netizens has been largely critical. Many have pointed out that KOZ Entertainment’s statement and apology came only after the incident gained significant attention in the Korean media, questioning the sincerity and timing of the label’s response.

Ongoing Discussions and Industry Implications

The incident has triggered wider debates on entertainment labels’ duties in handling security and safeguarding both artists and fans. The debate over BOYNEXTDOOR’s security has sparked discussions on balancing safety and fan respect.

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