HYBE in Controversy Over BOYNEXTDOOR Security Conduct

A fan alleges being brutally assaulted by a security guard for BOYNEXTDOOR, igniting a firestorm of criticism against entertainment giant HYBE.

The Incident That Sparked Outrage

HYBE in Controversy Over BOYNEXTDOOR Security Conduct ... the victim's Twitter post.

The fan who had previously made headlines for being forcefully handled by BOYNEXTDOOR’s security broke her silence. In a tweet that quickly went viral, garnering over 300,000 views in just an hour … She accused HYBE’s security of being excessively aggressive, likening them to “thugs.”

The Victim’s Harrowing Experience

The fan’s tweet included a photograph of herself in a cast, along with a hospital diagnosis, serving as evidence of the severity of the incident. She revealed that she was diagnosed with a fracture after the assault, which occurred during a HYBE artist’s airport departure.

HYBE’s Alleged Indifference and Victim Blaming

Adding to the controversy, the fan disclosed that HYBE’s team did not check on her well-being after the incident. She initially chose to remain silent to avoid negatively impacting BOYNEXTDOOR. However, she faced frustration and blame from a security team member for not speaking up sooner when she eventually reported her injury.

The Security’s Justification and Fan’s Response

The security guard reportedly justified the aggressive behaviour as necessary for the artist’s protection. The fan, in her tweet, questioned this rationale, asking if HYBE’s security team routinely uses artist protection as an excuse for their excessive force, leading to injuries among fans.

Netizens’ Shock and Call for Action

The revelation has led to a wave of shock and horror among netizens and fans. The online community has unanimously condemned HYBE’s handling of the situation, with many calling for immediate action and change in the company’s approach to fan and artist safety.

  • Security? LOL, that’s what you call security? HYBE is so amazing.
  • Screw the security team, the label needs to apologize. 
  • This is the first time that I am watching the video. He literally just chucks her.
  • Wow.
  • Please sue.
  • They are gangsters. Why call themselves anything else?
  • Fans have been complaining about their security for a while. Let’s all stand against them together.
  • Crazy b@stards.
  • Crazy.
  • I bet there are so many men who choose to be security guards because they enjoy beating up weaker people.

The Growing Demand for Accountability

This incident has put HYBE in the spotlight, with increasing demands for accountability and a reevaluation of security protocols. Fans and observers alike are calling for a more balanced approach that ensures the safety of both artists and fans without resorting to excessive force.

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