G-Dragon parts ways with YG Entertainment after 17 years

YG Entertainment has officially announced the departure of G-Dragon, ending a long-standing association since his debut with BIGBANG in 2006. The announcement, shared on BIGBANG’s official website, marks the end of an era for both the artist and the agency.

YG Entertainment expressed their gratitude for the time spent with G-Dragon and extended their best wishes for his future endeavors, urging fans to continue their support.

What next for G-Dragon?

Amidst this departure, there’s growing speculation about his next move. Reports have linked G-Dragon to Galaxy Corporation, although it’s important to note that he has not signed with the label yet.

Adding to the confusion, Galaxy Corporation is set to hold a press conference at the JW Marriott Hotel in Seoul to discuss G-Dragon’s acquittal and his future promotions.

The K-pop community is abuzz with these developments, as G-Dragon’s next steps remain shrouded in mystery. His departure from YG Entertainment marks a new chapter in his career, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official confirmation of his future plans.

How the public sees him

Since he was cleared of drug charges earlier this month, G-Dragon has been relatively quiet but active in the entertainment industry. Here’s what we know:

  • Music: Before the drug charges, G-Dragon had indicated he was gearing up for a comeback. Those efforts had to be put on hold during the investigation. Now that he has been cleared of the charges, he appears set to work on new music once again.
  • Fashion: G-Dragon remains a prominent figure in the fashion world. His brand, PEACEMINUSONE, continues to collaborate with high-profile brands and release new collections.
  • Public Image: G-Dragon still enjoys enthusiastic support from fans, indicating his reputation hasn’t been significantly tarnished by the ordeal.

Overall, G-Dragon seems to be focusing on regaining his footing in the industry after the drug charge scare. While it’s too early to speculate, the continued interest from fans suggests that his career is far from over.

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