Holiday Hits: 10 K-pop Christmas songs to brighten your season

When it comes to Christmas music, K-pop artists infuse the holiday’s warmth and joy with their unique style and flair. These songs range from upbeat tracks perfect for holiday parties to soulful ballads that capture the essence of a cozy winter evening, showcasing the versatility and global appeal of K-pop stars.

K-pop Christmas songs are more than just seasonal hits; they highlight the artists’ ability to explore various musical genres while maintaining their distinct charm. From lively beats that transform any space into a festive dance floor to gentle melodies that reflect the season’s tranquility, K-pop Christmas tracks are a delightful treat for fans around the world.

Here’s our pick of the 10 best Christmas-themed K-pop songs, each with its own unique charm:

1. Merry & Happy by TWICE

TWICE in Holiday Hits: 10 K-pop Christmas songs to brighten your season

This bubbly anthem explodes with sugar-coated Christmas joy. TWICE sing about a love that feels as warm and bubbly as freshly poured champagne on Christmas Eve. Their playful voices and vibrant melody capture the carefree spirit of the season, reminding us that Christmas is a time to spread joy and celebrate good company.

2. The Little Match Girl by Wendy (RED VELVET) & Baek A Yeon

These two talented artists bring a poignant and classic European folktale to life in the The Little Match Girl. The song, inspired by the classic Hans Christian Andersen story, is a moving ballad that showcases their vocal finesse. Its narrative of hope and dreams in the face of adversity resonates deeply during the holiday season. The MV also features a cameo by NCT’s Jaehyun.

3. The Carol by LOONA

A cheery little pop tune, The Carol takes an upbeat approach to Christmas. LOONA members HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul sing about having the courage to pursue love amidst festive celebrations. The song’s lyrics also invite listeners to ponder the deeper significance of the holiday.

4. Snow Flower by V (feat. Peakboy)

BTS' V in Holiday Hits: 10 K-pop Christmas songs to brighten your season

This track is one of three earlier recordings by V given an official release this year. Known for its warm and fuzzy feel, Snow Flower perfectly captures the essence of the holiday season. V’s smooth vocals, combined with Peakboy’s rap, create a unique and heartwarming Christmas song.

5. Joy by NCT DREAM

NCT DREAM’s Joy is a lively and refreshing take on a classic Christmas carol. The song blends well-known melodies with modern pop elements, showcasing the group’s youthful energy and charm. The track’s upbeat rhythm and catchy chorus make it a perfect addition to any festive celebration.

6. Lonely Christmas by MONSTA X

This bittersweet tune captures the melancholy of a Christmas spent alone. MONSTA X’s powerful vocals paint a picture of empty streets and silent carols, contrasting with the joyous festivities outside. The song offers a message of resilience and hope, reminding us that the warmth of human connection can still be found.

7. This Christmas by Taeyeon

Taeyeon in Holiday Hits: 10 K-pop Christmas songs to brighten your season

Taeyeon presents a touching narrative in This Christmas. This soulful ballad delves into the nostalgia and emotional depth associated with Christmas. Taeyeon’s tender vocals, combined with the song’s introspective lyrics, makes it an ideal soundtrack for reflective moments during the festive season.

8. White by The Boyz

This serene and elegant ballad paints a picture of winter beauty. The Boyz’s smooth vocals and gentle melody evoke the tranquility of falling snow and the hushed wonder of a Christmas night. The song’s poetic lyrics and melancholic undertones offer a contemplative contrast to the usual Christmas revelry, reminding us to appreciate the quiet moments of the season.

9. Perfect Night (Holiday Remix) by LE SSERAFIM

This playful remix adds a dash of festive spirit to the upbeat dance track by LE SSERAFIM. The new version transform the song to a celebration of the holiday, and we can easily imagine it playing in the background of your Christmas party.

10. Christmas EveL by STRAY KIDS

Stray Kids in Holiday Hits: 10 K-pop Christmas songs to brighten your season

This high-energy dance track is a Christmas party in a song. STRAY KIDS’ powerful rap verses and fierce choreography capture the electric energy of a Christmas Eve celebration. The song’s rebellious spirit and catchy melody will get your heart racing and your feet moving, turning your living room into a dance floor under the twinkling Christmas lights.

Each of these songs, with their distinct styles and emotional resonance, adds a special touch to the holiday season, showcasing the diverse and rich world of K-pop Christmas music. Whether you’re looking for a song to uplift your spirits or a melody to accompany a quiet winter night, this list offers a perfect K-pop soundtrack for your Christmas celebrations.

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