BTS’ V New Endorsement Deal with Compose Coffee Sets Record

Kim Taehyung, AKA V from BTS, is the new face of Compose Coffee, a leading coffee franchise in South Korea. This collaboration will enhance the brand’s recognition and support its overseas expansion.

With over 2,400 stores nationwide, Compose Coffee is preparing to feature V’s posters in all its outlets starting this month. V stars in TV commercials, filmed ahead of his military service, set to hit the airwaves in January 2024.

An official from Compose Coffee expressed excitement about the partnership stating, “We are delighted to collaborate with a global artist who is loved worldwide regardless of gender or age. Through synergy with the ‘21st-century pop icon’ BTS V, Compose Coffee anticipates even greater growth next year.”

Franchisees’ Support and Advertising Costs

Before sealing the deal, Compose Coffee sought approval from their franchisees, who overwhelmingly endorsed V as their chosen model. The advertising campaign featuring V is reported to cost 6 billion won (USD 4.6 million) … With 2 billion won being shared among the 2,400 franchise stores, and the head office covering the remaining amount.

South Korea’s Favorite Coffee Shop

South Koreans poured their love for Compose Coffee at the 2023 Korea’s Most Loved Brand Awards, crowning it the nation’s favourite coffee shop. The brand started its first store in Busan at KyungSung University in January 2014 and has seen significant expansion, including its first international store in Singapore last September. By employing Taehyung as their new model, the brand aims to further its global presence.

V’s Instagram Post: A Hint at the Partnership

Eagle-eyed fans spotted a “spoiler” in Taehyung’s final Instagram post before military service! Holding a coffee jar, could it be a cheeky hint at his upcoming collab with Compose Coffee?

Record Modeling Fee Earned

Reports by Newsis on December 20 revealed that V earned an estimated KRW 6.00 billion (about USD 4.61 million) in modelling fees before his enlistment. This fee aligns with BTS’s known high modelling fees.

2021 saw BTS commanding KRW 5.00 billion (USD 3.84 million) per year from each brand they represented, dominating the modelling scene with 13 partnerships.

V’s Military Enlistment

V enlisted in the military on December 11 alongside fellow BTS member RM. He is serving in the prestigious Special Duty Team in Seoul, continuing his commitment to national service. Even as V embarks on his military service, his presence in the advertising world continues to impact.


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