Get a fresh new look for 2024 with the Innisfree beauty range

Innisfree is ready to help you face 2024 with a fresh, new look. This December, the beloved Korean beauty brand is showcasing its revamped product range. Each item promises to enhance your beauty routine with innovative, eco-friendly, and skin-loving formulas.

Innisfree’s offerings are designed to cater to a variety of beauty needs while ensuring you step into the new year with confidence and style.

Light Fitting Foundation

Innisfree Light Fitting Foundation

Innisfree recently introduced a groundbreaking addition to its makeup collection in Malaysia, the Light Fitting Foundation SPF 20 PA++. This innovative product promises a long-lasting, lightweight coverage that’s perfect for all skin types. It is available in six shades – 17N, 21C, 21N, 23N, 25N, and 27N – and priced at RM120 for 30ml.

Crafted with a high molecular film polymer, the Light Fitting Foundation adheres seamlessly to the skin, eliminating the need for frequent touch-ups. Its silky formulation glides effortlessly, allowing for multiple layers without the worry of clumping or flaking.

Moreover, the foundation is not only skin-friendly but also eco-conscious. It boasts a vegan, 7 additive-free formula, reflecting Innisfree’s commitment to health and sustainability.

The Light Fitting Foundation will revolutionize beauty routines, offering a blend of comfort, durability, and ethical beauty. Its arrival marks a new era of makeup that caters to both the aesthetic and conscientious needs of modern consumers.

No-Sebum Powder Cushion

Innisfree No-Sebum Powder Cushion

The No-Sebum Powder Cushion SPF 29 PA++ is known for its exceptional sebum control and flawless matte coverage. It also provides smooth, long-lasting coverage that doesn’t smudge or slide off, even after 48 hours.

Its unique formula includes a water and oil base with cover particles, offering fuller coverage with just a single application. The micro-blurring powder also ensures a poreless, even skin texture. Priced at RM115 for 30ml, it comes in five shades: 17N, 21C, 21N, 23N and 27N.

Recently, this favorite has received an all new look. The case is 67% recycled plastic, and the box is 100% recycled paper.

Airy Matte Lipstick

Innisfree Airy Matte Lipstick

Known for its ultra-light, air-like texture, the Airy Matte Lipstick has been a favorite for its ability to glide on smoothly and feel as soft as your own lips.

While the price remains at RM68 for 3.5g, the packaging comes with a brand new look. The lipstick still promises seamless, soft blending and the cherished ceramide complex to minimize flakiness for a vivid, smooth application. Its clean formula, free of 8 unnecessary ingredients, ensures that it’s mild and comfortable on the skin, even after long wear.

The Airy Matte Lipstick delivers the best in lip color and care, and comes in 8 stunning shades.

Airy Matte Tint

Airy Matte Tint

The iconic Airy Matte Tint has just unveiled a stunning new look, redefining the way you add color to your day. This beloved lip tint has an ultra-light texture and priced at RM62 for 3.8g.

The Airy Matte Tint glides on effortlessly thanks to its soft, moist powder gel texture. It applies a thin, non-smudging layer, ensuring a perfect pout all day long. The moisturizing benefits of ceramide provides a flawless finish even on chapped, flaky lips.

Available in 5 exquisite shades, the Airy Matte Tint’s new look is a celebration of its legacy as well as a nod to the future of lip color – where beauty meets comfort and style.

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